Aaron Judge is, deservedly, the belle of the ball in this year's free agency, given how the 6'7 slugger achieved the unthinkable during the 2022 season and hit the ball 62 times out of the park for the New York Yankees, breaking Roger Maris' AL record that stood for 61 years. Judge's herculean efforts were recently validated after he was named the 2022 AL MVP over Los Angeles Angels dual threat Shohei Ohtani.

While Judge will certainly have plenty of suitors, perhaps none more serious than the Yankees and the San Francisco Giants as per previous reports, the 30-year old may not take his sweet time holding out for the best possible offer.

According to Bryan Hoch, Aaron Judge said that signing early could, perhaps, be more of an advantage to his quest of winning a World Series, as the team that wins over his signature could then shift their focus on filling out the roster with even more quality talent.

“There's teams that we've talked to. For me, if we're going to build a winning team, if I can get my [contract] out of the way so they can move on and add some more pieces to build teams up, I think that's always an advantage for wherever I go,” Judge said.

It might bode well for the Judge then that the Yankees have deemed it priority number one to retain his services since the start of last season, when the Yankees offered a seven-year, $213.5 million extension to Judge, which the slugger promptly turned down.

Alas, it is expected that Aaron Judge would take at least until the Winter Meetings to be held from December 4-7 to make a huge decision for the future. The Yankees will definitely have to open up the coffers, and fast, so as to take advantage of Judge's seeming willingness to put his signature on the dotted line as soon as an acceptable agreement is reached.