Brian Cashman knows it's go time for the New York Yankees with Aaron Judge's MLB free agency courtship in full swing. Ever since Judge rejected the Yankees' Opening Day offer, fans have been anticipating this very moment, when the club and the star player would come face-to-face to discuss contract terms.

Well, Cashman revealed a very important update on Judge on Thursday ahead of the Covenant House Sleep Out. The Yankees general manager told reporters that the club has made another offer to Aaron Judge.

“It’s in real time, so we’re on the clock,” Cashman said. “We’re certainly not going to mess around. We’ve made another offer since Spring Training.”

Brian Cashman said that the Yankees are “on the clock.” Given the importance of Judge to the franchise, the longtime executive made it clear that they're “not going to mess around.”

It's not clear exactly when the Yankees made an additional offer to Judge but given that MLB free agency has opened- and the 2022 American League MVP indicated that he has “talked” with teams, it's safe to assume that such an offer was made somewhat recently.

After a banner year that saw Judge break the American League's single season home run record while also taking home the MVP award, the Yankees are going to have to pony up far more than what they offered in the spring.

The club made a seven-year, $213.5 million contract offer to Judge, one that made its way to the public eye on Opening Day, to the chagrin of the hulking slugger.

No official numbers have been reported obviously, but rumors have indicated that Judge's potential contract could exceed $300 million.

That's no surprise for Brian Cashman and the Yankees, though. They know they're on the clock now.