Los Angeles Angels superstar and 2024 free agent Shohei Ohtani has been in the Bronx for a series against the New York Yankees. Besides his rocket home runs, much of the talk around Ohtani has surrounded his pending free agent status- and how that relates to the Yankees.

The Yankees are selling Ohtani's Japan jerseys in one of their team stores- and star Aaron Judge stopped just short of recruiting the Angels 2021 American League MVP.

Ohtani returned the favor on Wednesday, revealing that it's “really fun” to play at Yankee Stadium, per Fox Sports MLB.

“It's a beautiful field. Passionate fans. I always look forward to playing here. It's really fun playing here.”

Any Yankees fan reading that has likely fallen out of their chair, so let's all give them a moment to compose themselves.

Ohtani really seems to like playing in front of Yankees fans at the Stadium. Of course, he also said something similar about Fenway Park, the home of New York's hated rival, the Boston Red Sox.

The Angels star, who could set records with his free agent contract in 2024, is probably going to drop more comments like this wherever he plays, so Yankees fans shouldn't read too much into it.

That said, former Yankees hurler and fellow Japanese native Hiroki Kuroda said that his countryman would “love” playing for the Bronx Bombers.

As if New York fans weren't excited enough by Ohtani's comments.

The Angels star seemed to not want to play in New York when he was first on the free agent market back in the winter of 2017.

But Ohtani also wants to play for a winner- something the Angels have never been during his six seasons there.

Could the Yankees pique Shohei Ohtani's interest?