New York Yankees legend Derek Jeter, naturally, got emotional as he returned to the Yankees Stadium on Friday for his tribute night.

The Yankees held the ceremony to honor Jeter for his 2020 induction to the National Baseball Hall of Fame. As he stepped onto the field once again, the baseball icon shared his love for the fans and emphasized that the city is his real “home.”

“I was born in New Jersey, I grew up in Kalamazoo, I live now down in Miami. But right here, in front of you, with you, is really where I feel like I’m at home,” Jeter said as the Bronx crowd cheered in jubilation.

The love for Derek Jeter was not a surprise. The 48-year-old spent his two-decade career donning the Yankees pinstripes, all while helping lead the team to five World Series championships. He is also a 14-time All-Star and ranks sixth all-time in regular-season hits total–a testament to how he had delivered for New York whenever they need him.

Being a Yankee was a dream come true for Jeter, and while he has been far from the team over the years, he remains a big fan of the franchise and what they are doing.

“I see you guys are ready for the playoff push,” Jeter shared during the ceremony, per New York Daily News. “I know you guys haven’t seen a lot of me over the last few years for various reasons. But I truly do look forward to hopefully seeing a lot more of you here in the near future.”

Here's to really hoping we see more of Jeter in the stadium soon. Fans and players alike will surely love that.