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YouTube streamer Penguinz0 fires shots on DMCA

YouTube streamer Charles Xavier “Penguinz0” White, Jr., released a controversial video expressing his concerns regarding the Digital Millennium Copyright Act’s (DMCA) ability to potentially kill the careers of streamers.

The title of his video already sums everything up. At the beginning, he compared the music industry to a private military group, where their methodologies are barbaric, archaic, and outdated. He even criticized their decision to encourage US senator Thom Tillis in promoting a new law that charges felony jail time on streamers.

The video even leaked the music industry’s donations to Thom Tillis which Penguinz0 describes as cheap, comparing the value less than a popsicle stick.

He admitted that he watched Ian Corzine’s YouTube video to further analyze the situation. Corzine, a well renowned social media lawyer, expressed his issues and concerns with the law.

Penguinz0 mentioned Cyberpunk 2077 as an example where the game’s soundtrack could potentially cause a DMCA strike. During the game’s release, the CD Projekt Red confirmed this and made their amends.

By the tail-end of the video, Penguinz0 mentioned the outrageousness of the law. President Donald Trump was punished by DMCA strikes while broadcasting in the official White House channel. He even mentioned the greyness of the law where Streamers might get imprisoned when a donor sends a song that immediately plays on their channel. Ultimately he describes the law with blatant remarks, ridiculing the conservative values of politicians.

His video eventually led to a movement, encouraging people on Twitter to use #stopDMCA hoping that changes will occur. The community have expressed their support.