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Youtuber Timothy Wilks shot and killed in a tragic prank accident

Timothy Wilks

A Youtuber who went by the name Timothy Wilks was shot and killed in a prank-gone-wrong incident last Friday. The Nashville, Tennessee native was 20-years-old.


Timothy Wilks met his untimely death after a fake robbery prank turned into a horrible accident. The Washington Post reports that Wilks and a friend were attempting to film the reactions of people at knifepoint. Pretending to rob strangers, Wilks brandished a knife while his friend was filming. The two chose the parking lot of an Urban Air store along Old Hickory Boulevard in Hermitage.

Pranksters usually receive lots of views with their dangerous and controversial pranks. Many content creators see pranks as an easy path to fame and money. Timothy Wilks’ attempt got the Internet talking in a way neither he nor his friend would have expected.

Wilks and his friend attempted to prank a group of people who happened to be in the car park. One of the members of the group, David Starnes Jr., felt threatened and fatally shot Wilks in self-defense. The group didn’t harm Wilks’ friend. The shooter stayed on the scene until emergency services arrived, and told the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department that he acted in self-defense. The police are currently investigating the incident. The police has so far not pressed charges on either Starnes or Wilks’ friend.

As for his role in the incident, Wilks’ friend could end up facing some time. A lawyer speaking to a Fox17 correspondent says, “I’m sure the people involved would like to characterize this as a prank, but it certainly seems to be a prank that went seriously awry.”

The allure of fame and money is strong, especially during this time of extreme internet activity. However, risky pranks often have costly consequences for those who lack foresight.