Zenless Zone Zero is pumping up the hype train with a 15-second teaser video uploaded on Thursday. The video teased a music collaboration between miHoYo and legendary DJ Tiesto. Grammy Award-winning DJ Tiesto has been confirmed to be involved in the composition of some of the game's music, with a full reveal of what exactly this collaboration entails coming on July 2nd.

Zenless Zone Zero 15-second teaser video

DJ Tiesto, a Grammy Award-winning known for bangers like The Business, Welcome To Ibiza, and Pump It Louder (in collaboration with Black Eyed Peas), will feature in official Zenless Zone Zero music. We don't know yet whether DJ Tiesto will be composing BGM, just the intro, or just a trailer, but this is still an exciting thing to look forward to.

Known for DJ Tiesto's trance, house, future, and techno music, this musical profile showcases how different Zenless Zone Zero will be compared to previous miHoYo big hits like Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail. With Genshin Impact being a medieval fantasy game, and Honkai Star Rail being a sci-fi game, Zenless Zone Zero will have a more modern look compared to the two.

Aside from DJ Tiesto, DJ duo Lucas & Steve (Up Till Dawn, Love On My Mind) will also be involved in the music collaboration.

How Zenless Zone Zero is Different Compared to Genshin Impact and Honkai Star Rail

An “urban fantasy ARPG,” Zenless Zone Zero will feature a more contemporary look and feel. This can be seen in the game's fashion, architecture, and even music, which is where DJ Tiesto and other musical artists come in. The game should be able to set itself apart, at least, in terms of themes and feel from similar games in the market.

Apart from the themes and influences, Zenless Zone Zero will also have a completely different gameplay style compared to its two direct predecessors. It will be an ARPG like Genshin Impact, but will not have an explorable open world like it. Instead, it features stage-based missions that players can complete one at a time, giving players a much more manageable experience.

Similar to the two, however, Zenless Zone Zero will still feature gacha mechanics in the acquisition of the game's characters. This means players will have to spend in-game currency or real-world money to run a slot-machine-like mechanic that gives players rewards. These rewards usually are in the form of in-game items like weapons, with the game's characters featured as rare rewards.

In the game, the player assumes the role of a Proxy. The Proxy is responsible for exploring alternate dimensions called Hollows. Throughout the game, players will be able to recruit new members to their party (through the aforementioned gacha system), so that they could fight increasingly tough opponents called Ethereal.

Unlike Genshin Impact, where characters are defined by their weapon type and share roughly the same combos and attacks and are only differentiated by their abilities, Zenless Zone Zero will offer much more diverse move sets between characters. Characters in ZZZ will have distinct combos and attack patterns that are much more defined compared to what is found in Genshin Impact.

Zenless Zone Zero will be coming out on July 4th, 2024, on PC through the Epic Games Store, PS5, and on mobile through the Google Play Store and the App Store.