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2 best trade destinations for John Collins

John Collins, Pistons, Hawks, Warriors

Changes are happening in the city of Atlanta. The organization recently parted ways with its head coach Lloyd Pierce. Now, as the March 25th trade deadline approaches, the Hawks are more likely looking to shake their roster. It has been an up-and-down season for the Hawks, to say the least. The route that they’re looking to take will hopefully help them build momentum in the future and it might not include John Collins.

Hawks and John Collins Relationship

Atlanta power forward John Collins has been mentioned in trade rumors for some time. Collins has even addressed his frustration of not being able to grow under the Hawks’ system. For a player of his caliber, Collins understands that he can become the number one option for a team. There is a possibility that Collins will be in another uniform before March 25th.

Collins is averaging 17.8 points per game to go with 7.6 rebounds. His numbers are down from a season ago, but he still displays a phenomenal skillset at the power forward position. Collins is a player who can stretch the floor and can be placed in pick-and-roll situations. As many have seen through the regular season, he has a great relationship with Trae Young, as the two always connect for an alley-oop finish. The versatility that Collins shows on the floor helps increase his trade value. There are two franchises in the NBA that could help Collins grow into his true potential and elevate his game going forward.

Detroit Pistons

The Pistons are more likely the last team that would be on any player’s trade destination. With the franchise in rebuild mode, a trade for Collins would become a great move in the right direction for Detroit. The Pistons recently bought out Blake Griffin, putting more focus into building around Jerami Grant. A possibility of Grant and Collins pairing with one another would become a great sighting for Pistons fans moving forward.

For Detroit to successfully bring in Collins, the two teams can make a swap of two players. The Hawks can ship both Collins and Rondo to Detroit, while the Pistons can swap Isaiah Stewart and Mason Plumlee to Atlanta. The trade benefits Detroit because they’ll continue to build around Collins while also bringing in Rondo, who has championship experience.

Golden State Warriors

The bay area may not be the most peculiar interest for Collins, but the Warriors could help him build for his future. The franchise has shown that they are thinking about what’s ahead when they drafted James Wiseman. As players in Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, and Klay Thompson reach their later years, a trade for Collins would help the team return to their championship form.

Collins and Wiseman would become a dominant duo in the frontcourt. The two can stretch the floor and show tremendous footwork in the post as well. A trade to the Warriors can allow Collins to receive more opportunities on offense and can even carry the team some nights. With the way Golden State is unselfish with the basketball, Collins would certainly get his touches on the floor.

The Hawks can send Collins with a couple of draft picks to the Warriors in return for Kevon Looney and a first-round pick. The trade puts both teams in positions to build for the future and continue to compete going forward.