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2 reasons Grizzlies must sign Norman Powell after Pelicans trade

Norman Powell, Ja Morant, Grizzlies, Pelicans

After making a trade for Steven Adams with the New Orleans Pelicans to add more depth to their frontcourt, the Grizzlies could look to add an athletic scoring guard to pair with franchise superstar Ja Morant. An ideal signing for them this offseason would be adding Norman Powell to their help bolster their backcourt and give them a major upgrade at shooting guard.

Morant and Powell would give the Grizzles a formidable backcourt with limitless speed, athleticism, and scoring. Signing Powell would also give them a complete starting five that could climb the ranks of the Western Conference and potentially make them a five seed in the NBA Playoffs. Having said all this, let’s take a look at the two reasons the Grizzlies need to sign Norman Powell after making the Pelicans trade.

Grizzlies keys:

Norman Powell would form an elite scoring backcourt with Ja Morant

As arguably the most athletic point guard in the league behind only Russell Westbrook, Ja Morant has already shown how explosive he can be when the game’s on the line, adding an athletic shooting guard alongside him would elevate the Grizzlies offense and give them one of the best scoring backcourts in the NBA. Morant and Powell would lead electrifying fast breaks and light it up from 3-point land on a nightly basis.

Not to mention how many posters and highlight reels these two could produce all season long with their craftiness around the rim and monster throwdowns over opposing defenders. Powell would form a top-five backcourt with Ja Morant and give Memphis a perfectly balanced starting five that could go toe-to-toe with any team in the league.  If Memphis wants a more high-octane scoring attack, then signing Norman Powell would be the logical move for them to make during 2021 NBA free agency.

Powell would boost odds for a deep Memphis playoff run 

Last season Memphis showed a lot of promise after beating the Warriors in the play-in tournament to face the number one-seeded Utah Jazz in the first round of the NBA Playoffs. Even though they wound up losing the series in five games, the Grizzlies showed a lot of fight in the first few games of that series and will look to build off of that momentum next season. Nevertheless, losing a first-round series in five games indicates that a team still has a lot of work to do in order to make up a big deficit relative to the top tier of opponents in its own conference.

Adding Powell to a starting line-up that will already consist of Morant, Dillon Brooks, Jalen Jackson Jr. and Steven Adams would give the Grizzlies an exciting new starting five that would put the entire league on notice.

Between the scoring, agility, and limitless athleticism of Morant and Powell, and a froncourt of Brooks, Jackson Jr. and Adams, the Grizzlies would become an elite two-way squad that could elevate their status in the always competitive Western Conference.

This would also give them a better chance to advance to the second round of the NBA playoffs. With the addition of Adams completing their frontcourt, signing Powell would give Morant a reliable backcourt partner and give Memphis the best starting line-up they’ve had since they made the Western Conference Finals in 2013. Now that the Grizzlies want to take the next step and build a legitimate playoff threat, Norman Powell would be their best option at scoring guard this offseason.