As one of the few remaining big name NBA free agents, Paul Millsap would be a welcome addition to any contender in need of perimeter scoring, rebounding, a sound defensive presence, and veteran leadership. The Golden State Warriors, Los Angeles Lakers, and Brooklyn Nets all know this. Coming off a highly productive four-year stint with the Denver Nuggets, Millsap will now be looking for a change of scenery.

One team that comes to mind is the Warriors. Millsap would fill a big need for the Warriors and be able to provide them another battle-tested playoff performer who can come through for them in pivotal games. In the Bay Area, Paul Millsap would thrive as a combo forward who could space the floor and give the Dubs stellar interior defense.

He would make an immediate impact and play some meaningful minutes for the W's in their quest to return to the NBA Finals and hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy in 2022. Having said all this, let's now discuss two reasons why Paul Millsap should choose to sign with the Warriors over the Lakers and Nets.

Paul Millsap would play more meaningful minutes with the Warriors

With the Warriors lacking a calming veteran presence outside of Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Andre Iguodala, Paul Millsap would provide them another leader on and off the court who could instill a winning mentality into their younger players. As a high-IQ player, Millsap would be the ultimate role player who could run a highly efficient second unit with Iggy next season, especially since Golden State's roster has gotten much younger and boasts a ton of depth and athleticism across the board.

Now that they're getting an entire offseason to work these young guys into the mix and reshape themselves into a contender, the addition of Paul Millsap to this Warriors squad would do wonders for them and play a crucial part in their playoff push in 2022.

He more than likely won't be a starter on the Warriors, but he brings with him strong postseason experience and veteran leadership.

Millsap would give the Warriors quality depth on the wing 

Given his size and skill sets, Paul Millsap would give the Warriors a reliable presence on the wing that could contribute to their ball movement and fit in seamlessly with their defensive sets. With his scoring, passing, and rebounding, he'd solidify their rotation and complement their offense perfectly with his mid-range game.

As a do-it-all combo forward, Millsap's game would be a perfect fit in Golden State and could give the team quality depth and another veteran leader who could show their young guys how to be a difference maker in a multitude of ways. On the Warriors, Paul Millsap would not only bring quality depth on the wing, but he'd also have the chance to chase multiple titles and win a ring for the first time in his long NBA career.

Both of these serve as valid reasons why Paul Millsap should choose to sign with the Warriors as opposed to the Lakers or Nets. The Lakers and Nets have now garnered so much depth on their rosters  that it would be hard for him to make a difference on either team. Also, neither of these organizations will be able to offer him the amount of playing time he's seeking.

Granted, both teams would give him the opportunity to pursue a title, but he wouldn't be able to make as much of a difference on either squad. Paul Millsap would also have the opportunity to finish out his career on a highly productive note were he to sign with the Warriors as opposed to the Lakers or Nets.