After three games of the 2016 NBA Finals, history has already been made in terms of points scored. This series showcases great talent, and the wide margin of point differentials undoubtedly shows this.

During Games 1 and 2, the Golden State Warriors held a commanding 20-point for at least eleven minutes of each contest. In Game 3, the Cleveland Cavaliers bounced back by holding a 20-point lead for the remaining 10 minutes of the game, ultimately winning by 30.

In the last two games, there was a 63-point swing in favor of the winner. This is currently the fourth largest swing in playoff history so far, but what's truly special about this 2016 series is how long each team has managed to hold off such a staggering lead.

This chart shows each of the last 20 NBA Finals and how many minutes each series had with a scoring margin greater that 20 points. Currently, this series has the third largest amount of minutes, trailing the 1998 Chicago BullsUtah Jazz series 25 minutes and the 2008 Boston CelticsLos Angeles Lakers series for 35 minutes. And we're only three games in.

With the level of talent in today's league, this record could very well be broken tonight. This 2016 postseason alone has recorded a total 19 games with final scores exceeding a 20-point differential (an NBA record), so seeing tonight end like Games 1, 2, and 3 would not be too surprising.

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