The Atlanta Hawks executed a magnificent trade in the offseason to acquire star Dejounte Murray from the San Antonio Spurs. This campaign has started excellently as they are one of the top teams in the Eastern Conference but before even reaching the first 20 games, more trade rumors are circulating about one of the key pieces of the squad. Once again, John Collins is in the middle of more trade rumors, this time linking him to West powerhouse Phoenix Suns.

The speculation of linking Collins to the Suns is just in its preliminary stage, but there has been hesitation from Phoenix's side because of his long-term contract with Collins. The talent of John Collins is unquestioned, but it is his fit in most teams that seems a bit murky. Despite the question marks, these squads are the best destinations for the prized forward.

3. Dallas Mavericks

The gigantic load that Luka Doncic needs to carry on a given night has been barbershop talk over the past years. Losing Jalen Brunson was tough, but the addition of Christian Wood has lessened some of the issues that could have been incurred with the departure of Brunson. However, some of the unfortunate losses of Dallas this season are due to Doncic losing steam in the end so adding another reliable body in John Collins to the Dallas frontcourt will be a tremendous addition.

In the schemes that mostly revolve around Doncic, the forwards and bigs must be versatile and athletic, which fits the billing of Collins. Moreover, the Mavericks have the salaries of guys like Davis Bertans, Dwight Powell, and Tim Hardaway Jr. to make the deal work. There were murmurs of Collins possibly moving to Dallas a few seasons back, so there's no question why it cannot be revisited once again.

2. Sacramento Kings

A squad with a boatload of energy and hustle on every given night is the Sacramento Kings. This roster has been an intriguing NBA League Pass team with De'Aaron Fox, Domantas Sabonis, and the rest of the crew. But, the one gaping hole on their roster is bigs who will supplement Sabonis in the front court because of the lack of fit between Sabonis and Richaun Holmes.

Having Collins to pair with Sabonis will cover up some of his weaknesses defensively. This move also adds some heft to their depth as they could move Holmes along with a couple of their pieces. Harrison Barnes could also be moved with his expiring contract, so the Kings must explore the possibility of acquiring Collins who fits perfectly with the style of head coach Mike Brown.

1. Los Angeles Clippers

One team that has not been involved in any John Collins discussions is the Los Angeles Clippers. This team is arguably the deepest in the league with 11 fantastic men on their rotation, but they only have Ivica Zubac as the lone big. Robert Covington and Marcus Morris Sr. are forced to occasionally play as the small ball five, so the Clippers may consider adding a four and five-man like Collins.

With the Clippers having an enormous payroll, they can manufacture a way to combine a couple of pieces that would entice Atlanta into a deal. Pairing Collins with Kawhi Leonard and Paul George would be brilliant as well because Collins thrives as an off-ball mover and cutter that can score on a nightly basis. On the defensive end, it would not be more of a sacrifice because he can guard wings or even bigs when Zubac does not match up well against certain lineups.