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3 bold predictions for Jake Paul-Nate Robinson fight

Jake Paul and Nate Robinson make such a weird combination. Who would have thought in a million years that a YouTuber would put on gloves and fight a retired professional basketball player inside the ring? Nevertheless, we have a fight today where these two will go toe-to-toe in September. With all the hype, weirdness, and speculation, we’ll break it down and filter out all the noise to give three bold predictions for the Jake Paul-Nate Robinson fight.

1. It’s going to be funny

Let’s face it. This is more of a circus attraction than an actual boxing exhibition. Considering that this is an undercard bout to the main event, which is Roy Jones Jr. going up against Mike Tyson, it’s obvious that this is a play geared towards the entertainment factor. As exciting as it may be, it’s simply going to be funny to see how a retired basketball player finds his way in boxing against a Youtuber who recently tried out the sport with two fights under his name.

2. Jake Paul will win via decision

There’s one big factor here that puts the odds in Paul’s favor: he actually boxes. That’s about enough said as Robinson is literally going to try out the sport for the first time. With Paul have two boxing matches under his belt, one amateur and one pro, both ending in knockouts, he has a clear advantage in terms of experience and training compared to Robinson. Not to mention, Robinson has a height disadvantage and perhaps a reach disadvantage as well. Lastly, Paul is 13 years younger than Robinson.

3. No one will watch it

Sure, there will be a certain kind of audience that this sort of event appeals to. But for the true boxing fans, this is just another undercard bout that people have to go unfortunately through before finally seeing the main event. While props must be given to the organizers for setting up a fight that can definitely spark the interest of the public, we’re betting that the gimmick won’t pay off too well. Most probably, this will be skipped through before the main event and a few highlights will just go trending on social media. Other than that, the match looks like something people can skip.