After falling short in the playoffs, the Utah Jazz face a busy offseason with plenty of questions to answer. Rudy Gobert trade rumors continue to swirl, and there are questions about just how long Donovan Mitchell wants to stick around as the Jazz look to build around him.

Regardless, this organization is likely to do everything possible to retain its superstars, as the roster isn't too far away from being a legitimate championship contender. For that reason, we take a look at three free agents the Jazz must sign in the 2022 NBA free agency period.

Despite the rumors, the best move forward is to mend relationships and build around Mitchell and Gobert. If the organization can do that, Utah should be back in the playoff race once again. Considering the Jazz didn't acquire any impactful rookies in the NBA Draft, signing talented free agents is going to be a must for this franchise.

It's not like the front office needs to make a massive move or anything. Utah is in a situation where it can acquire solid rotational players to complement the stars. Additionally, it would be a smart move for the Jazz to sign a valid scoring option to take some of the burden off Donovan Mitchell's shoulders. It'll be tough to accomplish with just the taxpayer mid-level exception to offer free agents, but this front office is capable of building a solid team for next year.

With that said, here are three free agents the Jazz must look to sign in 2022 NBA free agency.

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Jazz 2022 NBA Free Agency Targets

3. Hassan Whiteside

One of the best options in free agency is Hassan Whiteside. He was a solid backup for the Jazz last season and can continue playing that role for the team. Additionally, Whiteside is a nice backup plan in case Gobert is traded, as he will likely be signing a team-friendly deal. Regardless, he provides consistency in rebounding and defense as a rotational player.

Whiteside was a solid starting center at one point in his career, but now he is at his best coming off the bench. The Jazz should highly consider re-signing him, as Whiteside can be a defensive anchor for the bench squad. Look for Utah to potentially be in contract negotiations with its backup center early on in the NBA free agency period.

2. Ricky Rubio

Mike Conley holds down the starting role, but the Jazz could use an upgrade off the bench. Although Ricky Rubio never quite lived up to the hype, he's still a phenomenal playmaker. Additionally, his arrival would allow Jordan Clarkson to play more like a shooting guard, which fits his style perfectly. Signing Rubio would suddenly give Utah a deep roster capable of hanging with most teams in the league.

As long as the rest of the bench has legitimate scoring options around Ricky Rubio, the rotational unit can be elite for the Jazz. The veteran point guard can distribute the ball and really help Utah improve offensively. There is a risk though, as Rubio is not that great at defense and he will be coming off a torn ACL, but his teammates can surely make up for it.

1. TJ Warren

At the end of the day, it would be nice to see the Jazz make a splash signing in 2022 NBA free agency. TJ Warren might not be the best player available, however, he'd be a great fit in Utah. He is capable of playing both forward positions and can consistently score everywhere on the floor. If this team wants to truly improve, the front office must acquire a consistent scoring option to complement Donovan Mitchell.

Warren's presence would allow Conley to maintain his production while possibly increasing his assist numbers. On top of that, Rudy Gobert can focus more on clean-up work on the offensive end, which is when he is at his best. Even despite the injury concerns TJ Warren would be a great bargain signing for the Jazz, as he provides the team plenty of options with the rotation. He can score down low, while also serving as a 3-point threat to space the floor. Look for this franchise to monitor him closely as the free agency window opens on Thursday.