The Dallas Mavericks were eliminated by the Warriors from the playoffs on Thursday after an impressive run. They were able to make the Western Conference Finals before losing in five games to Stephen Curry and company.

Now, owner Mark Cuban is tasked with adding a piece or two this offseason. Doing so would make the Mavs legitimate title contenders behind superstar Luka Doncic. While it may come a bit pricey, here are three reasons as to why the Mavs should do whatever it takes to bring back guard Jalen Brunson.

3. Shot creativity

Despite the Mavericks' trip to the Western Conference Finals, one thing became awfully clear: their lack of shot creators. Luka Doncic can obviously create his own shot, not to mention his passing that opens up others for open shots. Beyond him though, Jalen Brunson was really the only Mav that could consistently go get his shot. Spencer Dinwiddie can at times, but he's not consistent enough to be a top option on a contending team.

In turn, losing Brunson would significantly limit the upside of this offense. Getting a guy like Zach LaVine would obviously be an upgrade from Brunson, but the Mavs have the flexibility for both. Brunson's absence would clog the floor up for Doncic and put even more pressure on him to create. Again, this isn't to say that bringing back Brunson should eliminate the opportunity of going after another star like LaVine.

2. Proved he can do it in the playoffs

When Luka Doncic missed a few games in the opening round of the playoffs, many didn't know how the Mavericks would compete. Facing the fifth-seeded Jazz, the shot creativity in a Doncic-less lineup was few and far between as stated beforehand. Despite the lack of confidence in Dallas, Brunson showed he could carry his regular season improvements into the postseason.

It shouldn't come as much of a surprise, as Brunson has done it in the national spotlight plenty of times before. In college, Brunson helped Villanova to two national championships, winning the AP Player of the Year in 2017-18 in the process. Without Doncic, Brunson helped the Mavs to a 2-1 series lead in the opening round against the Jazz. In those three games, he scored 24, 41, and 31 points as the team's primary ballhandler and shot creator.

1. Allows the Mavs to go after a big man

Throughout the playoffs, the Mavs' other glaring weakness was their lack of a presence amongst the bigs. Dwight Powell all but got demoted to limited minutes off the bench. Maxi Kleber was the biggest beneficiary, and he shot lights out in the first two rounds. Once they got to the WCF though, Kleber struggled. The Warriors were able to employ similar small-ball lineups, so Kleber wasn't able to run bigger guys out of the paint. Additionally, he and Powell are average rebounders at best.

It showed that the Mavs need an elite rebounder to put around Doncic and the rest of the team. They tried things with star big Kristaps Porzingis, but he's more of the Kleber-type as opposed to a dominant rebounder. Bringing back Brunson would allow the Mavericks to focus on getting a legitimate big man in the offseason. With the return of Tim Hardaway Jr. next season, a backcourt of him, Brunson, and Doncic is more than enough.