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3 reasons the Buccaneers should target Jordan Love in the 2020 NFL Draft

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will pick 14th in the 2020 NFL Draft. It is likely that they will be in need of a new quarterback. Jameis Winston played the final year of his rookie contract in 2019 and notched the first 30 touchdown, 30 interception season in NFL history.

There is no reason for Tampa Bay to pay Winston. The experiment clearly did not work and it is time to move on. The question is, will the Bucs choose to go after a veteran free agent or draft a quarterback? The Bucs have been linked to Philip Rivers and there is a chance that the two decide to pair. If not, the Bucs could go after a player like Jordan Love in the draft.

3. Love’s physical tools

Love’s stats did not jump off the page at you from last season, but that does not mean that he will bust in the NFL. Love has all the physical tools to be a success in the league and that will most likely make him a first-round selection.

Love stands at 6’4 and weighs 225 pounds. He has the athletic build and strength to hold up at the next level. He is a quick player who can use his feet to extend plays, which is necessary in today’s NFL. Love has a strong arm with incredible touch. He is one of the few quarterbacks in this class who can make any throw on the field. The Bucs hold the 14th pick and they could use it on Love. If not, do not be surprised if they find a way to trade back into the first-round.

2. Bucs are not ready to win

The Buccaneers finished 7-9 in the NFC South last season. Anyway you look at it, this is not a team that is ready to win now. Sure, adding Rivers would add some excitement and give the fans something to be excited about. But so will adding a rookie with a high ceiling. Rivers needs to go to a contender and try to win late in his career. That is not the Bucs.

Drafting Love gives Tampa Bay what they hope will be their next franchise quarterback to build around. The Bucs do not have a strong defense and need to drastically upgrade their rushing attack. Love can develop and grow with a strong head coach like Bruce Arians over time.

1. Love’s ability could flourish with receivers

The Buccaneers finished with two of the top statistical receivers this season in Mike Evans and Chris Godwin. Yes, this is partially because the Bucs trailed in many games and had to throw. But it also has something to do with Arians being a coach who likes to throw often and down the field. This is where Love comes into play. He is a big armed quarterback who can handle this kind of offense.

The Bucs do not have any semblance of a rushing attack. At wide receiver, they are set. Evans and Godwin are talented players who could help a rookie quarterback grow.