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Le'Veon Bell

3 reasons the Chicago Bears are the best landing spot for Le’Veon Bell

Everyone in the NFL is frantically trying to find ways that their franchise could land someone like Le’Veon Bell. Bell is set to hit free agency on March 13th, with plenty of teams interested in the talented running back.

His impending free agency comes less than a year after the Pittsburgh Steelers tried to place the franchise tag on him. Bell was not interested in playing on the tag and decided to sit out the whole 2018 season.

Of course, Steelers faithful were up in arms about the decision and so were his teammates. A couple of his offensive linemen called him out and Bell didn’t let it go unnoticed.

From there on, there continued to be a fractured relationship between Bell and the Steelers organization. With Bell about to hit free agency, it shows that relationship was irreparable going forward.

Now, both sides will need to move on and find greener pastures. Where could Bell land in 2019? There a ton of teams who could find himself playing for—even the Chicago Bears.

As of now, it may seem like a pipe dream but the Bears could be a match made in heaven for the dual-threat running back.

Here are three reasons why Chicago is the ideal landing spot for Bell.

3. Bell Would Instantly Become the Focal Point of the Offense

Le'Veon Bell

With Bell sitting out the 2018 season, he likely wants to prove to everybody why he is still one of the best running backs in the NFL still.

This means he would likely want to find himself on a team that would allow him to showcase his talents as much as possible. The Bears fit the bill for just that.

Again, as it currently looks, Bell signing with the Bears seems impossible. But if the Bears can pull some strings, anything is possible.

The Philadelphia Eagles went from having just eight-hundred thousand dollars in cap space to over $30 million in a matter of a week.

Restructuring contracts or trading players can do the trick. If Bell was to be signed, Jordan Howard would almost absolutely be on his way out.

The Bears lack a go-to-guy on their offense but have plenty of overall talent.

Bell would instantly become the key cog in the Bears high-powered offense.

2. Matt Nagy

Matt Nagy, Bears

The Bears are coming off a season where they improved drastically on offense in their first year with Matt Nagy. Their offense jumped from 30th in total offense in 2017, to 21st in 2018.

Nagy comes from the Kansas City Chiefs, where he worked as Andy Reid’s offensive coordinator. This explains why Nagy has shown he can succeed at calling plays just like Reid does.

After years of struggling to win the AFC North, the Bears won it in 2018—marking the first time they did so since 2010. This marked a huge step forward for the Bears organization for the future.

The Bears ended up falling short in the playoffs to the Philadelphia Eagles. Having someone like Bell would’ve proved to be very beneficial to a team who only scored 15 points in a do-or-die playoff game.

Adding Bell would allow Nagy to expand his offense drastically.

There’s no doubt that Nagy could utilize Bell in a fantastic way if he got the opportunity to.

1. Bell is a Bigger, Stronger, and Better Version of Tarik Cohen

Tarik Cohen


In 2018, the Bears were motivated to get Tarik Cohen involved in their offense as much as possible. Although, in doing so, it made Howard take a step back within the offense.

Cohen was a lethal weapon in the Bears’ aerial attack, catching 71 passes for 725 yards, and five touchdowns. This is coming from a guy who stands at 5’6″ and is likely unable to ride certain rollercoasters.

What if you could take Jordan Howard and mix him with Tarik Cohen, what would you get? Probably someone like Le’Veon Bell.

Bell is a running back—who at 6’1″, 230 pounds—he can take a handoff and run through some of the biggest defensive players in the NFL. At the same time, he can line up as a receiver on offense and become a receiver.

Bell is a perfect blend of finesse and explosiveness. His ability to react and burst through a hole is otherworldly. At his size, you should not be able to do what he does and make it look so easy.

The Bears would have basically be adding two players to their roster by adding Bell. First, you get the running back version of Bell. Then, you also receive the receiver version.

Chicago could take another leap forward if they were able to somehow lure Bell to the Windy City.

The city would erupt in celebration if they were able to land a player of Bell’s caliber.