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3 teams that the San Francisco 49ers should trade back with

The NFL Draft is a little over a month away, and a lot of buzz is being made about who will be selected. From surprises from draft risers and unanimous picks coming into the fold, fans are expecting everything goes the way that mock drafts have looked since the start of the offseason.

However, there’s still the possibility of significant trades on Draft Day. Some teams are looking to trade back for more draft supply, and other teams are trying to move up to get the desired prospect that they believe will help them reach the next level.

The San Francisco 49ers can find themselves in the seat of a team selling with the number two overall pick.

However, many would want to see this team pick up another pass rusher like Ohio State’s Nick Bosa or Alabama’s Quinnen Williams. Both would take the team to new heights. However, with the team still looking to get themselves out of the rebuilding process, they’re going to want more than the current six picks they have.

Trading back in the draft isn’t too much of a far fetched idea to have. Here are some teams that the 49ers should look to make a trade with deeper in the draft.

Oakland Raiders

The Raiders have become a bit of a wild card since Jon Gruden’s signing as head coach. The team has made a handful of trades that have changed the look of the Raiders team completely.

The Raiders aren’t done just yet in their rebuild of the roster as they’re in prime position to filling all of their needs with three first-round draft picks. But with Gruden and Mayock in control, don’t be surprised if they use some of these picks to move up.

Getting a pass rusher early in the draft is something that will help them get back on track. And getting someone like Bosa will fix their pass rushing concerns going into 2019.

They came away with a league-worst 13 sacks in 2018 and needed all the help they can get at the defensive end spot. As for the 49ers, it won’t take them out of place to grab a pass rusher for themselves either. As well as being able to add more draft stock to choose other draft needs.

To give people an understanding of what to expect from this trade, the Bears made a similar trade up when they were a pick behind the 49ers in the 2017 Draft. In that one, they exchanged their first-round pick as well as a third- and fourth-rounder in that same draft to go along with the next year’s third-round pick.

The San Francisco 49ers can see an exchange of the first-round picks as well the Raider’s first- (from the Dallas Cowboys) and fourth-round picks.

Both the Raiders and 49ers get what they need to finishing their rebuilds and competing in their respective divisions.

New York Giants

The Giants are in desperate need to find the successor to Eli Manning. He’s entering age 38 and is getting closer to retirement. Not to mention, many of the successors that have come into play haven’t panned out for the Giants either.

They can do this if they jump spots in the draft to get either Ohio State’s Dwayne Haskins or Missouri’s Drew Lock.

The best way to guarantee this is by drafting ahead of any other possible team that would want to trade ahead for a quarterback. The Giants are the only ones in the back end of the top ten that need a young quarterback for either a successor/bridge quarterback. And they have the best draft stock to move up to the number two overall pick.

They have the number six overall pick and Cleveland’s number 17 pick. And their second and third-round picks are solid as well.

The San Francisco 49ers can benefit from these early picks and look to filling needs with quality players. If the Giants choose to trade away both of their first-round picks and a future fifth to the 49ers it would be enough to move up for the number two overall pick.

The 49ers would fill the need for an edge rusher and would get a talented wide receiver like AJ Brown or DK Metcalf with the second first-round pick.

Giants get either Haskins or Lock and the 49ers get two high-quality picks with those two first-rounders.

Washington Redskins

Speaking of one NFC East team in need of a quarterback, here are the Redskins. After a season in which they chose to trade for Alex Smith instead of re-signing Kirk Cousins, it’s worked against their fortunes.

Smith suffered a broken leg that’s likely going to take him out for most, if not all, of next season. After that injury they were forced to play Colt McCoy who also came away with a season-ending injury. Then their hands were forced to start the likes of Mark Sanchez and Josh Johnson.

It’s not the best situation as far as quarterback depth is concerned. And climbing up the board for a quarterback makes sense for the Redskins.

It’s a bit of a reach as far as where they are at number 15 overall on the board. However, they have a total of nine draft picks in this Draft, including four in the first three rounds.

Now, as much as the fans are hoping for a 1999 Saints Draft trade like what the Redskins received in that same year, the best the San Francisco 49ers can see is an exchange of the first-round picks, both third-round picks, a seventh-round pick, and one future fourth-round pick.

The Redskins get their quarterback of the future and the 49ers gain more draft capital to finish their rebuild. It’s a win-win.