3 things to expect from Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston
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3 things to expect from Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Jameis Winston

Jameis Winston, Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have a completely revamped coaching staff heading into next season, but the most significant addition is that of new head coach Bruce Arians.

Arians has been deemed a quarterback guru in the past, and quarterback Jameis Winston needs guidance in a big way. Winston has had some character issues in the past, but that aside he has not lived up to being drafted as the first overall pick back in 2015.

Winston will likely see a huge boost in all aspects of his game working closely with Arians, but he’ll need to clean up his mental game the most because the talent has never been in question. The Buccaneers have seen Winston have plenty of ups and downs, but the fact that Arians took the job and showed an interest in taking the job speaks volumes for Winston.

Clearly, Arians knows there are brighter days ahead of the Buccaneers quarterback, and he’s going to be the one to get him there. Here are a few things to expect from Winston next season.

Decrease In Turnovers

One aspect of Winston’s game that has been an issue for him since entering the league is his turnovers. Aside from the interception rate, Winston gives up a lot of fumbles to opposing defenses. Since 2015 Winston has fumbled the ball 38 times and lost 18 of them. There’s no way Arians will allow his quarterback to continue to have ball protection issues and Winston could be an entirely different player next season in regards to cleaning up his game.

As stated the talent is there for Winston and his skill set is there, but his decision making costs him at times. Winston will need to take any and all advice from Arians in becoming a better pocket passer and protecting the ball at costs.

30 Or More Passing Touchdowns

There is little doubt the Buccaneers are going to be a pass heavy team with Arians calling the plays. The team has lacked a workhorse running back for years now, and the pass catchers the team possesses are incredibly talented. Wide receivers Mike Evans and Chris Godwin along with tight end O.J. Howard will likely be heavily featured next season and Winston could be looking for them a lot.

These players are big-bodied red zone targets, and it’s likely the Buccaneers will find plenty of success with Winston taking full advantage of his offensive weapons. The Buccaneers could emulate the Arizona Cardinals offense back when Arians was with the team, and then quarterback Carson Palmer saw plenty of success in the system Arians brings to the table.

During Winston’s rookie season, Palmer had an astounding 4,671 passing yards to go along with 35 passing touchdowns. At the time Palmer was in his mid-30’s so it’s fair to assume Winston could see some incredible seasons in the foreseeable future.

Higher Football IQ 

Overall, the Buccaneers are going to reap the benefits of having a coach like Arians because it means Winston will be making more polished decisions to go along with his solid passing skills.

The decision making has always been an aspect of Winston’s game that has haunted him, but that will likely change for the better with a lot of work this offseason. Every quarterback Arians has coached has shown growth and flashes of elite capability. While that may happen in his first season with Arians it’s likely it will gradually happen over time, and Winston could be one of the league’s top quarterbacks very soon.