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4 NBA contenders that need to draft Gonzaga star Corey Kispert

Corey Kispert has had an incredible senior season for the undefeated Gonzaga Bulldogs.  Kispert, 22, has averaged 18.8 points per game on almost 50, 40, 90 shooting splits. He is one of the most talented shooters in the NBA draft and will be an immediate contributor at the next level. He will play in Monday’s national title game for Gonzaga after the Zags beat UCLA in a classic game on Saturday.

However, unlike most college seniors, Corey Kispert is viewed as almost a lock to go in the top 20. True contenders will have a tough time getting their hands on him because he’s not going to fall where those guys are usually drafting. There are good teams that will end up in that range for various reasons.

Corey Kispert Options:

Team 1: Golden State Warriors

Corey Kispert knows the Golden State Warriors are not contenders this year. Klay Thompson has been injured for the whole season and they have missed him dearly. The rest of the team, aside from Steph Curry, has really struggled to play well consistently. They could end up with two lottery picks this year depending on where the Minnesota Timberwolves picks fall. That could give them two shots to take a player like Kispert.

Corey Kispert would be a perfect fit in Golden State. Another elite floor spacer and cutter to play of Draymond Green along with Klay and Steph could make their offense incredibly potent. He would likely be a day one starter and closer at the three or four. His ability to relocate and shoot can add to the Warriors’ offensive potency and versatility. Defensively, Kispert is a good help guy and it will allow to stay on the floor for big minutes.

Team 2: Boston Celtics

The Boston Celtics still have a wide variety of outcomes for how their season can play out. They still have a legitimate chance to rise all the way to the four seed but they could also barely scrape their way into the playoffs. If they only get to the latter, they need to look into players such as Corey Kispert.

The Boston Celtics are still very thin at the wing and they have been since they lost Gordon Hayward. Corey Kispert would add to their size and versatility. His shooting will be the obvious advantage, allowing him to spread the floor for the Celtics’ stars. He could play the four very easily in small-ball or normal line-ups and he would have a lot of two-way ability in Boston.

Team 3: Toronto Raptors

The Toronto Raptors have taken a major step back this season. They have dealt with injuries and COVID issues and they’re beginning to turn downwards towards the lottery. However, they could wish to turn it back around next season. Corey Kispert is the foremost win now prospect in lottery conversations this year and he would be an interesting fit in Toronto.

The Raptors seemed poised to lose point guard Kyle Lowry in free agency. Corey Kispert does not replace that kind of player, but he could conceivably play the two next to Fred VanVleet and OG Anunoby. He could come off the bench as well and potentially close in small ball line-ups with Siakam at center. His spacing is vital for a defensive team like the Raptors that rely on transition.

Team 4: Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks will likely fill in the bottom seeds of the Western Conference playoffs and end up slightly above the lottery. If they are fortunate enough to have Corey Kispert fall to them in the 17-20 range, they should be quick to take him.

Dallas has sorely missed an elite floor-spacer next to Luka Doncic. Last year, they had one of the greatest offenses in NBA history because of how spaced the floor was for Luka. Since trading Seth Curry, the Mavericks have struggled to reach the heights they did last year. Corey Kispert could solve that issue immediately. Kispert is not only an incredible shooter, but he also has size. He could keep the Mavericks afloat defensively as a help guy and spread the floor for Luka on offense.