4 Reasons The Dallas Cowboys Will Defeat The Lions In Week 11
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4 reasons the Dallas Cowboys will defeat the Lions in Week 11

The Dallas Cowboys are coming off a disappointing loss to the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday Night Football. Now, they will go on the road to take on the Detroit Lions at Ford Field in Week 11. The Cowboys are currently 4.5 point favorites and Vegas has the right team favored.

Let’s breakdown four reasons the Cowboys will beat the Lions on Sunday afternoon.

4. Lions’ quarterback situation

The Lions haven’t announced who will be their starting quarterback in Week 11, but no matter who it is, they are in a bad position. If Matthew Stafford is able to go, he is still dealing with broken bones in his back. With the way the Lions’ offensive line has been playing, it could be quite problematic for Stafford if he were to play.

If it’s Jeff Driskel who starts, the team is going to be in an even worse position. Against the Chicago Bears, Driskel threw for just 269 yards, one touchdown, and one interception. He missed a lot of throws that shouldn’t have been missed, and the Lions will struggle to move the ball with him under center.

3. Ezekiel Elliott

Ezekiel Elliott struggled against the Vikings, but the Lions are a different type of opponent. On the season the Lions are giving up 129.7 yards per game (26th). Against the New York Giants in Week 9, Elliott rushed 23 times for 139 yards. Even though he didn’t score a touchdown there is little reason to believe that he shouldn’t be able to reach that number.

Elliott is going to take out his frustrations from his disappointing performance against the Vikings and will run wild against the Lions as a result.

2. Lions’ lack of running game

The weakest aspect of the Cowboys’ defense is their ability to stop the run, but the Lions are a good matchup given their struggles to execute in their running game. Against the Bears, Detroit somehow had their quarterback, Driskel, end up as their leading rusher with 37 rushing yards.

The Lions are going to have a hard time finding a way to move the ball both through the air and on the ground. Don’t be shocked if they score ten points or less, especially if Driskel is the starter in this game.

1. Dak Prescott

The Vikings are an effective defensive team, but Dak Prescott still managed to drop 397 passing yards and three touchdowns. He also had an interception, but it’s worth noting that it came on the last deep heave of the game as part of a desperation heave.

Prescott and Amari Cooper are an incredible combination and against the Vikings, Cooper racked up 11 receptions for 147 yards and a touchdown. Prescott was putting the ball right where it needed to be, and Cooper had a couple of impressive toe-tap catches.

The Lions’ secondary has been ineffective this season as they are giving up 272.4 yards per game (28th) through the air. Prescott is going to sling the ball around and it wouldn’t be shocking to see him finish close to how many yards he threw for against the Vikings.

Prescott is going to lead the Cowboys to a victory on Sunday afternoon.