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4 takeaways from the 2019 NFL Draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers

The 2019 NFL Draft is over, but now the fun is just getting started where it’s time to analyze what teams like the Pittsburgh Steelers were able to get in the draft. It’s clear by looking at the nine draft picks that the team had a plan coming in about what type of players they wanted.

There are four key takeaways from the Steelers draft so let’s break those down.

4. They learned from two players who left the team this offseason

Of course, those two players are Antonio Brown and Le’Veon Bell and it’s clear the team has decided that they are done with that drama being around the team. They are good football players on the field, but the most talked about things with guys like Benny Snell, Devin Bush, and others is just how good they are as teammates and with their work ethics.

It’s clear the Steelers are trying to move on from the drama that has surrounded the team for the last few years and are trying to get back to just playing football. With the players they drafted, it appears that they have a chance to get back to football and move past the drama of last year.

3. This team isn’t going to rebuild, it’s trying to reload

The Steelers knew they needed a good linebacker and they weren’t afraid to give up draft capital to go get their guy Devin Bush with the 10th overall pick.

The team could have just waited for a linebacker to fall to them or just try to develop one, but instead they went and got their guy.

Bush is going to be a key on the defense for years to come and should help fill the hole that Ryan Shazier left when he suffered his devastating back injury.

This was a draft that was filled with players who can play a role right away.

2. Steelers haven’t changed their ways

Even though they lost Antonio Brown this offseason, his play on the field is exactly the type of player they like in receivers and they went and tried to get another one in the third round.

They drafted Toledo wide receiver Diontae Johnson, who is a really good route runner. Although he isn’t as good of an athlete as Brown, his skill set is a lot the same.

They also drafted Justin Layne, who is a speedy cornerback and looks a lot like many corners that have come before him with the Steelers.

1. This team didn’t take a step back this offseason

The Steelers lost Bell and Brown this offseason and although they can’t replace them, they didn’t actually take that big of step backwards. What they lost on offense they improved on defense and there is no reason there shouldn’t be high expectations for them this year.

The team also didn’t sell out their future for the present, and these are guys who should be able to contribute for years to come. Pittsburgh did an excellent job in the draft this year.