49ers news: Emmanuel Sanders didn't appreciate 'dumb question'
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Emmanuel Sanders didn’t appreciate ‘dumb question’ after Super Bowl loss


Unfortunately for the San Francisco 49ers, it is the Kansas City Chiefs that are having all the fun today as the AFC West franchise was crowned as Super Bowl Champion on Sunday evening in Miami.

However, 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo and wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders almost closed things out for San Francisco late in the game while just missing on what could have been a huge play down field.

Understandably so, Sanders was less than thrilled about being asked about the play after his team’s incredibly tough loss in Miami.

“What do you think it was? What route do you think it was? What did it look like? What did it look like? What route do you think it looked like?” Sanders asked when a reporter asked what route he was running on the play, via NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk.

The 49ers receiver then confirmed that it was indeed a post route when the reporter answered correctly. However, he wasn’t quite done chiming in just yet.

“How close do you think I was? That’s a dumb question,” Sanders added, via NBC Sports’ Pro Football Talk.

With Sanders helping the 49ers reach the Super Bowl by the end of the season, the veteran pass catcher notably began the 2019-20 campaign with the Denver Broncos. Prior to spending several seasons in Denver while winning a Super Bowl as a member of the Broncos, the two-time Pro Bowler began his NFL playing career with the heralded Pittsburgh Steelers.

The Chiefs went on to defeat Sanders and company 31-20.