The San Francisco 49ers were literal seconds away from becoming the sixth NFL team perfect through three games. But there were just a few ticks too many left on the clock for Aaron Rodgers.

The Niners had their hearts broken after the Packers QB led a game-winning drive that upended their hopes of a perfect 3-0 record.

49ers tight end George Kittle spoke out on that fateful play. Kittle was instrumental in the previous drive that led to the Niners' go-ahead touch down that would have been the game-winning set of plays. But alas, it was not meant to be.

Via Cam Inman of The Mercury News:

If there’s too much time on the clock, there always is with Aaron Rodgers. I don’t have any worries when our defense is on the field. It’s Aaron Rodgers, Adams, play makers, and did what they had to do to win.”

Rookie QB Trey Lance echoed Kittle's take, instilling confidence in the 49ers defense while lauding Rodgers.

“I had a lot of confidence in our defense and will continue to. He’s special and has led some big plays.

Safety Jimmie Ward had to give it up to their opponents that evening for making plays when they needed to.

“Shout out to them. They made plays. Adams made plays. Aaron Rodgers was being Aaron Rodgers. Shout out to their coach, too.”

Aaron Rodgers was indeed being Aaron Rodgers. The 49ers saw it up close and personal.