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49ers’ Kyle Shanahan named 15th-best coach in the NFL

In the last two seasons Kyle Shanahan and the San Francisco 49ers have been bottom-dwellers in the league. In fact, they have accumulated only 10 wins.

Per Kirk Larrabee of 247 Sports, Shanahan is still ranked as the 15th best coach in the NFL. Those two facts do not seem to line up that well, but there is some slack in the line for the 49ers coach.

Early in the year, the 49ers lost their franchise quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo. This was not the only injury that the team suffered. That is what led Rotoworld to give Shanahan the ranking they did.

“With Shanahan, we are still projecting. We have not seen ‘it’ yet. With a little better health, 2019 could easily be the year Shanahan finds “it” and gets on the path to where he’s going.” These words are courtesy of Rotoworld’s Patrick Daughtery.

If that is true, then 2019 will be a very telling year. Not only will they be at full capacity, but they will have one of college football’s top talents. The 49ers own the number two pick in the upcoming draft.

With the Kyler Murray buzz in Arizona, it seems that Nick Bosa will be available at number two. That will be a big help to 49ers’ defense. It is also more ammo for Shanahan to come out and surprise people next season.

Health issues are always apparent in the NFL, but Shanahan’s squad has been hit pretty hard the last two years. It is because of that he is number 15 despite his team’s performance not reflecting it. This will be a make-or-break year for his standing as coach.