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49ers’ Nick Bosa calls crowd chanting his name ‘cool moment’

Nick Bosa, 49ers

There was a time in Saturday’s game that the fans of the San Francisco 49ers showed their appreciation for Nick Bosa after he got up from an injury. After the game, Bosa called the crowd chanting his name a “cool moment.”

Per Scott Bair in NBC Sports Bay Area:

“I was just trying to get my breath back initially, and they told me to stay down for a second,” Bosa said. “Then I heard the chants. I had to get up then. It was a really cool moment, though.”

For a moment, there was concern from the 49ers fans when Bosa was laying on the ground with San Francisco’s medical staff surrounding him. But after the crowd began screaming in support, Bosa bounced up as if nothing had happened.

The incident was eerily similar to how a professional wrestler would get up from the mat after taking a beating from his opponent. Just as a wrestler would, Bosa relished the opportunity to get the 49ers’ home crowd even more amped up.

The 49ers’ rookie defensive end was nearly unstoppable as he tallied six tackles, two sacks, and a deflection. Altogether, San Francisco’s pass rush created fits for the Minnesota Vikings as they brought Kirk Cousins to the ground six times.

With a win on Saturday, Bosa and the 49ers will host the winner of the game between the Seattle Seahawks and Green Bay Packers. Luckily for San Francisco, they are familiar with facing both teams already in the regular season. Regardless of who they play, Bosa is going to do his best to get the crowd involved once again next week.