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Nick Bosa to seek advice from Joey Bosa on how to stop Patrick Mahomes

Nick Bosa, Joey Bosa, 49ers, Chiefs, Chargers

The San Francisco 49ers defense has the unenviable task of stopping Patrick Mahomes. The Kansas City Chiefs quarterback is playing phenomenal football inside the pocket, and Nick Bosa has decided to use a lifeline to figure out how Mahomes plays.

The rookie Pro Bowler will be asking his brother, who is playing for the Los Angeles Chargers, to have a clue as to how the 2018 MVP plays inside the pocket.

Per Pro Football Talk’s Charean Williams:

“We’re going to be talking,” Nick said Thursday, via Matt Barrows of TheAthletic.com. “He has pretty good input on these guys. He’s going to give me everything that he could give me, and it’s up to me to go use it.”

It’s good that he’s going to talk to his brother about Mahomes because he’ll be a dangerous man to be left alone. Throughout these playoffs, Mahomes has notched 615 passing yards and eight touchdowns. If they don’t manage to contain him, they’ll be in for a long night.

His brother may not be the best source to get advice on Mahomes’ style of play as he’s never sacked the young QB in his career. However, the Chargers are in the same division as the Chiefs and would be able to provide great information to his younger brother.

However, the younger Bosa might not come into this game blindly. After watching film, he noticed that he’s playing similarly to a QB he’s now familiar with in Russell Wilson:

“Yes, very similar with extending plays and play breakdowns that turn into long touchdowns,” Bosa said. “You watch Tennessee, second half they didn’t get much of a rush. And you saw what happens. That’s definitely a big focus.”

Until the Super Bowl kicks off, Bosa and the rest of the Niners defense will be working hard to contain Mahomes.