The Los Angeles Clippers were technically just established in 1984 after the franchise made the move to LA from San Diego. Nevertheless, this organization has had more than a few successful trade transactions even before that historic occasion.

Below we’ve rounded out some of the most memorable trades the Clippers have been involved in throughout the history of the franchise.

5. Corey Maggette (2000)

Traded from the Orlando Magic with Keyon Dooling, Derek Strong, and cash for a 2006 1st round draft pick.

Maggette arrived with the Clippers as a sophomore, following a rather unproductive rookie campaign with the Orlando Magic, who selected him 13th overall in the 1999 draft. The Magic opted to part ways with the 6-foot-6 forward, and it was with the Clippers that Maggette was able to find his form as a fine player in the NBA.

One of Maggette’s best features is perhaps his ability to get to the line. His combination of strength and athleticism allowed him to pretty much bulldoze his way to the rim. On occasions that he could not get the ball to the basket, he drew the whistle. As of writing, Maggette holds the Clippers franchise record for most free-throws made and attempted.

In eight seasons with the Clippers, Maggette holds averages of 17.3 points, 5.2 rebounds, and 2.4 assists. He went to the line 7.4 times per ballgame, making 6.1 of them for an 82.4-percent clip from the charity stripe.

4. Doc Rivers (2013)

Traded from the Boston Celtics for a future first-round draft pick.

How many times have you heard or read about a coach being traded? Not too many, right? Well, the Doc Rivers trade from the Boston Celtics in 2013 was one of the few occasions that two teams pulled the trigger on a trade that was centered on a head coach. Simply put, that’s how much the Clippers wanted Rivers to coach the team.

Rivers was at the helm for LA in one of the most successful eras in the history of the team. He coached the likes of Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and DeAndre Jordan, to name a few, in what was fondly known as the “Lob City” era. Rivers led the Clippers to four consecutive playoff appearances between 2014 and 2017.

Rivers has emerged as one of the most successful coaches in Clippers franchise history. As of writing, he has amassed a highly impressive record of 352 wins against 206 losses for a .631 winning percentage.

3. World B. Free (1978)

Traded from the Philadelphia 76ers for a future first-round draft pick.

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Despite spending just two seasons with the franchise — then the San Diego Clippers — World B. Free is still considered as one of the greatest players in team history. He is also the owner of the unofficial title of the greatest name of all time, with Metta World Peace a distant second.

The Clippers acquired Free in 1978 for a future first-round pick. By future we mean six years in the future. Nonetheless, despite the delayed gratification, the Sixers were able to use that pick to draft none other than the great Charles Barkley.

As for the Clippers, they had two tremendous seasons of World B. Free, including an All-Star year in 1980. Free’s scoring average of 29.4 points per game still remains to be a franchise record for the Clippers, as of writing.

2. Elton Brand (2001)

Traded from the Chicago Bulls for Tyson Chandler and Brian Skinner.

It was a tough call, but in the end, the Elton Brand deal of 2001 will have to settle for the second spot on our all-time greatest Clippers trades ever. Brand did come close to stealing the top spot, though.

The 6-foot-8 big man arrived in LA after two tremendous seasons with the Chicago Bulls. The Clippers had to give up Tyson Chandler in the deal, but it was all worth it. In just his first season in LA, Brand was named to the All-Star squad — his first of two appearances in his career.

The Clippers had Brand for the best years of his career and is widely regarded as one of the best players in franchise history.

1. Chris Paul (2011)

Traded from the New Orleans Hornets with $350,000 cash and a future second-round pick for Al-Farouq Aminu, Eric Gordon, Chris Kaman, and a future first-round pick.

The Chris Paul deal of 2011 is not only one of the greatest heists in Clippers history, but it is also considered as one of the most contentious deals ever. The reason behind this is the fact that Paul was already on his way to the Los Angeles Lakers before then-league commissioner David Stern decided to veto the deal.

The Clippers added salt to the wounds of their cross-town rivals by acquiring the services of Paul shortly after his botched move to the Lakers — a fact that makes this transaction much sweeter from the Clippers’ perspective.

Paul was LA’s talisman during the Lob City years, leading the team to six consecutive playoff appearances — the longest streak in Clippers franchise history.