Every year in fantasy football drafts, there are players that are going to come off the board earlier than they should. More times than not, there are more overvalued fantasy football wide receivers than players at any other position. Many folks love their wide receivers.

The thing that many fantasy owners don't understand is that there are tons of playable wide receivers available for the taking in the middle rounds. Reaching on a guy who may be just a bit better than a middle round pick could end up being a poor call when it comes to your drafting process.

Of course, it's tough to know which players are being taken too early and are overvalued by the majority of users. That's why we here at ClutchPoints are going to create a list of the five most overvalued fantasy football wide receivers for the 2022 season based on their average draft position (ADP). With that being said, let's jump into the list.

Overvalued fantasy football wide receivers in 2022

5. Amari Cooper (ADP: WR 29)

Amari Cooper's fantasy stock has certainly taken a hit in recent weeks given Deshaun Watson's 11-game suspension, and fantasy owners have begun to take notice. Cooper is being drafted in most leagues as a backend FLEX option, which is a far cry from the WR2 billing he seemed set to enter the season with.

Even as a FLEX, Cooper is overrated by most folks. Until Watson is under center, the Cleveland Browns offense figures to be a mess, and that's bad news for Cooper and his fantasy owners. Cooper will get targets, but it doesn't mean anything unless he does anything with those targets. Cooper plays best as a bench option who could potentially become a FLEX option later in the season.

4. A.J. Brown (ADP: WR 9)

Everyone is excited to see A.J. Brown suit up for the Philadelphia Eagles this upcoming season after his blockbuster trade off the Tennessee Titans. In the case of some fantasy owners, they may be getting too excited. Many folks believe that Brown is a shoe-in WR1 heading into the season, but there's a decent chance that is wishful thinking.

Brown is transitioning to a new Eagles offense that is led by Jalen Hurts, who has been inconsistent to start his career. Brown was making due with Ryan Tannehill in Tennessee, but Hurts still has a lot to prove as a passer in the NFL. Having Brown could help him make that jump, but Brown seems safest as a WR2 pick at this stage of the game.

3. Mike Evans (ADP: WR 10)

Mike Evans is in pretty much the same boat as Brown in that people believe he's a solid WR1, when he's really better served being a WR2. Evans has been about as consistent as they come since he entered the league, and has managed to eclipse the 1000 yard receiving mark every season he's played in the NFL. Adding Tom Brady to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has only made Evans more dangerous.

The problem is that Evans is becoming increasingly reliant on touchdowns for fantasy production. He will also be playing alongside guys like Chris Godwin, Julio Jones, and Russell Gage this season, who all figure to take targets away from Evans. If he stops scoring touchdowns, Evans fantasy production will drop off significantly, making him an overvalued fantasy football wide receiver.

2. Jaylen Waddle (ADP: WR16)

There's nothing wrong with admitting that Jaylen Waddle had a very successful rookie campaign with the Miami Dolphins. The problem is that it's resulting in him becoming very overrated in the fantasy football world. Waddle is basically being treated as a lock for a WR2 when he shouldn't be counted on as anything more than a FLEX option entering the season.

Waddle still is catching passes from an inconsistent Tua Tagovailoa under center, and will now be competing with Tyreek Hill for targets. Waddle had 140 targets last season, and chances are that's not going to happen again this season. Many are expecting Hill's addition to help Waddle build off his strong rookie season, but chances are it will limit his production.

1. Deebo Samuel (ADP: WR 6)

There are very good reasons for Deebo Samuel to be ranked as high as he is heading into the 2022 season, but he's easily the most overvalued fantasy football wide receiver around right now. Samuel was unbelievably productive as a hybrid wide receiver/running back option for the San Francisco 49ers last season, but chances are he won't be able to replicate that production this upcoming season.

For starters, Samuel is going to be catching passes from Trey Lance under center, who is largely unproven. Samuel also has reportedly asked to not be used as a running back anymore, and has struggled with injuries throughout his career. Samuel has a lot of upside, especially if he is used as a running back again, but counting on him for WR1 production might be the riskiest move you could make in your fantasy draft.