NEW YORK — Tyrese Maxey fought through an illness and delivered an incredible performance in the Philadelphia 76ers' Game 2 showdown against the New York Knicks. But the Sixers lost in stunning fashion, putting them on the ropes for the series. Try as Maxey did to overcome a tough, gritty Knicks team and a nasty illness, he couldn't drag Philly into the win column.

Maxey, who recorded 35 points, 10 assists and nine rebounds, said that around 8:00 the night before the game, he couldn’t move and felt chills throughout his body. He missed the team's shootaround the morning of the game. After nearly 45 minutes of battle against the Knicks, he understandably looked exhausted at the postgame podium.

“I don't feel great at all, honestly,” he said.I don't like taking medicine. Everybody knows that. Like, I really can't stand taking medicine but I took medicine, IV. I did whatever they asked me to do — and I wasn't missing a game, so it didn't matter. I don't feel great but it is what it is.”

Maxey was on his way to cementing a legendary Flu Game, a performance lauded as heroic and awe-inspiring and helped the 76ers bounce back from a Game 1 loss. The first part of that can still hold true, as Maxey deserves a smattering of recognition and appreciation. Unfortunately, it will have to be remembered through the lens of an agonizing defeat.

Tyrese Maxey fights through illness in 76ers' Game 2 loss to Knicks

Despite the discomfort he felt, Maxey was dominant, scoring 15 points in the fourth quarter as the 76ers tried to even up the series.

“I just was trying to be aggressive. I didn't come out aggressive in the third but I came out aggressive to look for other guys and pass, got in the paint, got some threes, got Joel a couple of buckets. But in the fourth quarter, I just knew. I just felt that we needed something. We needed a spark, we needed buckets. We needed me to go out there and be aggressive and I did that.”

The 76ers will face the Knicks on Thursday at the Wells Fargo Center looking to avoid going down 0-3. Having two days to rest will give Maxey some much-needed extra time to recover.

“It sucks,” Maxey said. “We gotta put it behind us. Now we got, what, 48 hours to think about it and come up with a plan to get two [wins] at home.”