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A.J. Green: Ranking the three best landing spots in NFL free agency

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver A.J. Green is set to hit the free-agent market this offseason, and while a name like his would typically be a blockbuster target for many teams, Green actually comes with a couple of major caveats.

As talented as Green is, he is an injury risk.

He did not play at all in 2019 due to ankle issues, and in 2018, he played in just nine games due to a toe injury. As a matter of fact, going back to 2016, Green has appeared in just 35 of a possible 64 contests.

Green also turns 32 years old in July.

So, as dominant as hey may be when he is healthy, there is no question that Green will be a risky pickup, one that only contenders in desperate need of a receiver should take a chance on.

Here are the three best landing spots for Green in free agency:

3. Green Bay Packers

The Packers don’t have much to lose here.

Aaron Rodgers is 36 years old, so Green Bay’s Super Bowl window with him under center is closing. On top of that, Davante Adams is the Packers’ only reliable wide out at the moment.

Green Bay’s offense stalled at times in 2019, largely due to its inconsistent aerial attack.

Adding a potentially healthy Green would suddenly give the Packers one of the NFL’s most lethal receiving duos, and it would make the aging Rodgers’ job a heck of a lot easier.

2. Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens’ offense was basically Lamar Jackson, Mark Ingram and not much else in 2019.

Yes, Marquise Brown had a solid rookie year, but it has been clear for a couple of years now that Baltimore does not have a true No. 1 receiver and is too dependent on its ground game in the playoffs.

Green could instantly change that.

Just imagine how much more dangerous Jackson would be with a deep threat like Green? It would completely change the game for him, and it would make life a living hell for opposing defenses.

Green may not be the same receiver he was a few years back, but a healthy A.J. Green is surely better than anything the Ravens currently have in the receiving department.

1. New England Patriots

Let’s assume Tom Brady returns to the Patriots for 2020.

If he does, New England will still be in trouble as far as its passing game goes, as right now, its only dependable wide receiver is a 34-year-old Julian Edelman who just underwent shoulder surgery.

Sure, N’Keal Harry could have a big sophomore season, but expecting big things from him after he missed most of his rookie year is setting the bar dangerously high.

The Pats need to bring in some sort of established threat to put alongside of Edelman, and Green could be that guy.

If anyone can afford to take a risk on Green, it’s the Patriots. Brady will be 43 years old next season, so if he does come back (and that seems to be debatable at the moment), New England will probably only have one more year to win a championship.