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ACNH Direct teases arrival of Brewster and Roost Cafe

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Somewhat surprisingly, Nintendo is still making new content for Animal Crossing New Horizons (ACNH). However, we didn’t exactly get to see yet what this new content will be. During the September Nintendo Direct, forty seconds of its forty-minute presentation was dedicated to ACNH. The short segment teased the arrival of Brewster and the addition of the Roost Cafe in the Island’s Museum. However, we didn’t get to see the Brewster himself, nor did we see the interior of the 24/7 cafe yet. Nintendo will reveal this, along with other new content, on an upcoming ACNH Direct this October.

When will the ACNH Direct be held? When will Brewster and the Roost Cafe arrive in ACNH?

Nintendo didn’t reveal too much information on what else will be coming for ACNH in the coming months. Apart from teasing the Brewster and the Roost Cafe, they didn’t give any more other details. We just know that the Roost Cafe will be found on the second floor of the museum, towards the left after climbing the flight of stairs. The Roost will still be open 24/7, which is a joy for cafe lovers like us. But on when the Brewster and the Roost Cafe will be arriving in ACNH, we don’t know yet. In fact, we don’t even know the exact date of when the ACNH Direct will be held this October. We just know that it’ll happen within the next couple of weeks. Hence, it would be wise for fans to follow the official Twitter account of Animal Crossing New Horizons at @animalcrossing.

While we’re already sure that Nintendo will finally pull the trigger in giving fans the highly-requested Brewster and Roost Cafe, it’s still not assured that it’s the only new content coming in ACNH‘s next update.