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Adam Schefter put on blast by attorney Tony Buzbee over Deshaun Watson tweet

adam schefter, tony buzbee, deshaun watson

The Deshaun Watson saga just continues to drive the conversation during the NFL offseason. On Thursday, Tony Buzbee, the lawyer for the defendants in the civil cases against Watson, threw ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter under the bus. He reminded everyone of the insensitive and asinine tweet from March after news surfaced that Watson would not face criminal charges.

During a press conference Thursday, Buzbee blew up Schefter’s tweet in the background.

He went on to say “This kind of foolishness is exactly why people do not pursue justice.” He is referencing the studies conducted that have concluded a mass amount of men and women sexually assaulted never come forward. Men in power simply do not take it serious.

That appeared to be on illustration with Schefter’s tweet back in March.

The ESPN Insider tweeted “This is why Deshaun Watson, from the beginning, welcomed a police investigation. He felt he knew that the truth would come out. And today, a grand jury did not charge him on any of the criminal complains.”

A grand jury and a trial jury are two very different things. The grand jury choosing not to bring charges against Watson only makes known they did not believe there was a preponderance of evidence to bring charges. It is in no way an admission of innocence.

In fact, Judge Sue Robinson, who recently ruled on the matter and recommended the six-game suspension for Watson, acknowledged he lied and showed a pattern of sexual misconduct of serial nature.

This story is far from over. The NFL has since announced they are appealing the six-game suspension and are looking for a much more severe penalty.