Stephen A Smith made his triumphant return to First Take after a lengthy hiatus to attend to his shoulder injury. Apparently, ESPN’s golden boy needed to take more than a month off after undergoing rather mysterious shoulder surgery. NBA commissioner Adam Silver welcomed Smith back on his first day, but the league’s head honcho could not let the opportunity pass without taking a jab at Stephen A.

Silver was clearly happy to see Smith back on the set, but he also had to hilariously rip him apart for his lack of transparency with regard to his shoulder injury (h/t ClutchPoints on Twitter):

“I know that you and the media expect complete transparency from the NBA, particularly when it comes to injuries,” Silver said. “But I get it. ‘Shoulder surgery’ — that’s all we’re told. Definitely a different standard when it comes to the media. Nevertheless, we’re thrilled your back, and I’m glad your ‘shoulder surgery’ was perfectly timed for the offseason.”

To be fair, I see no lies from commissioner Silver here. Stephen A Smith didn’t disclose much about his shoulder injury, except that he needed an extended period to heal up. As Silver said, it’s an entirely different situation in the NBA in that Smith and the media always require utmost honesty from the league and the teams when it comes to player injuries. Obviously, this was not the case for Stephen A.

Whatever the case may be, most of us are just happy to see Smith back behind the desk. For some others, though, not so much.