On Wednesday's edition of AEW Dynamite, Max Caster and The Acclaimed released a new rap that subsequently acted as a pretty amusing takedown of their forthcoming opponents, Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal, with one particular line – “And you’re stealing money like it’s Kurt Angle’s wife.” – drawing particular ire from Karen Jarrett, the wife in question.

Clearly in the dog house, Jarrett and company sent AEW a promo of their own to tell The Acclaimed once and for all that they mean business.

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“The Acclaimed, this Wednesday Night, live, Seattle, Washington, the very first Dynamite of 2023, and I’m telling you think,” Sonjay Dutt said. “We are sick and tired of your games.”

“What we’re sick of is having to wait,” Lethal added. “I’ve had to wait a very long time to have gold and right now, the time for waiting is over. You sing your stupid songs, I’m sick of it. How dare you talk about me and Jeff like that? Acclaimed, what you have done, is you have p*ssed us off and now, Wednesday, we’re fighting. We are fighting! It’s over, The Acclaimed!”

After Lethal stormed off in anger, Jarret got his turn to talk and he got personal with the second-generation athlete.

“Max Caster, I’ve been in this business 36 years, I’ve got more shower time than you have ring time, Jarrett said. And throughout my career, there’ve been a few things I’ve said and a few things that I’ve done that I regret, but I assure you one thing, you will regret that rap, because not only am I going to end your reign of tag team championship, I’m going to end your career. I’m coming for you Wednesday on Dynamite.”

Oh no, how ever will Caster and his scissoring buddies respond? Fortunately, fans won't have to wait long to find out, as Caster shot back at the duo with a simple and clean response that should set things up nicely for the first Dynamite of 2023.