Swerve Strickland and Keith Lee haven’t been on the same page in AEW since all the way back in June, when the former seemingly turned on the latter in the Interim World Title #2 Contendership Casino Battle Royale. Fans wondered why Strickland, who had seemingly found his perfect partner in the AEW Galaxy, would turn on him in such quick succession to their tag team’s formation, with the duo not even having a right-proper tag team name when the betrayal occurred.

Fortunately, the duo were largely able to overcome their issues and even win the AEW Tag Team Championships shortly thereafter, but their issues persisted, with Lee wanting to keep things on the straight and narrow, whereas Strickland was willing to do just about anything to get the winner’s purse. Though this tension didn’t ultimately lead to the team losing the straps to The Acclaimed, it certainly played a part in the lead-up to their rubber match against Max Caster and Anthony Bowens at Full Gear.

Taking part in the penultimate match of the show, Swerve in our Glory and The Acclaimed worked a compelling bout that had big spots, excitement, and intrigue before Strickland pulled a “Sneaky Swerve” and went for the pliers in an attempt to break Bowens’ fingers like he broke those of “Daddy A–” a few weeks earlier. This attack and the offering of the pliers to Lee from Strickland was just about enough for “The Limitless One” to handle, as he quite literally declared he was done and walked out of the ring towards the back. This sudden 2-on-1 opportunity allowed Caster and Bowens to gang up on Strickland and for “The Sultan of Scissors” to get the win and keep their straps.

Have you been waiting with bated breath for months to see Strickland and Lee finally go at it once and for all? Well exhale, friend, for it’s about to go down.