In case you haven't heard, Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks are unofficially suspended, and that decision has had serious, wide-spreading ramifications across the AEW Galaxy. From forbidding Omega from wrestling at Lucha Libre AAA's TripleMania, to the suspension of Being the Elite, to “The Cleaner” being taken off of the AEW team at Tokyo Game Show, The Elite has been out of action for almost a month in AEW and fans are still trying to understand exactly what's going on.

Fortunately, AEW has been able to largely overcome the loss of four of their premier performer with the returns of Samoa Joe and MJF, but still, with Adam Cole, Kris Statlander, Kyle O'Reilly, and many more performers out, fans still clamor for any news on when the original AEW World Trios Champions will be back in their company's ring once more.

During his pre-media tour promoting AEW's Grand Slam, Tony Khan has been either asked or asked not to ask about the return of Omega, Punk, The Jacksons, Nick, and Matt, by pretty much every outlet he's spoken to, but the fine folks over at In The Kliq, Baby Huey and his co-hosts Richard, Phillip, and Tommy found a way around it and came away with a very interesting nugget of information that should make fans very excited indeed: The Elite vs. The Undisputed Elite is very much still a possibility.

Both Elite factions could be back in AEW in the not-too-distant future.

Alright, so without burying the lead any further, check out what Khan had to say about a potential full-on feud between The Elite, Omega, and The Jacksons, versus the Undisputed Elite's Cole, O'Reilly, and Bobby Fish:

“It'd be interesting to go back and think about it,” Khan told the podcasters, as transcribed by Fightful. Certainly, while it hasn't come to fruition, you never know. I certainly wouldn't want to rule out the possibility of someday that potentially happening. On the other hand, you mentioned injuries and unforeseen circumstances that have taken place. Those are all great wrestlers and two great trios.”

Oh snap, now that is interesting.

Now, as newer fans may or may not know, the feud between The Elite and the Undisputed Elite is one of the most interesting storylines that AEW was ultimately been unable to capitalize on. When Cole joined AEW, and O'Reilly followed close behind, it created an interesting opportunity for AEW to put on a dream feud the likes of which seemed impossible when AEW was initially conceived and NXT went on television to compete with it. Though the quintet of Cole, O'Reilly, Fish, and the Bucks initially played nice in the absence of Omega following his championship loss to “Hangman” Adam Page and series of surgeries, the cracks continued to become more and more evident with each passing week. reDRagon robbed the Bucks of a match with Jurassic Express for the AEW World Tag Team Championship, the quartet fought each other as much as the duo of Jungle Boy and Luchasaurus at Revolution 2022, and when the Jacksons refused to compete with Fish for the World Trios Championship, their Cole-fueled partnership officially fell apart.

Though Cole and O'Reilly suffered injuries that would keep them out of the ring long-term, the trio still found time to come together on the August 3rd edition of Dynamite to officially dissolve their partnership with the Young Bucks and attempt to Pillmaize them to ensure that no one in the Elite oeuvre would win the belts.

But since then? Well, there isn't really much to report. Cole has been back on social media but hasn't been mentioned much on AEW programming, O'Reilly had surgery on his neck that could keep him out of the ring until 2023, and Fish has very publically criticized basically everything about how his run ended in AEW, from his now-infamous match versus CM Punk to his booking away from the Undisputed Elite, and his inability to agree to a new deal that financially worked for all parties.

And as for the Bucks and Omega? Well, who knows when they will be back in an AEW ring, as their futures remain curiously up in the air.

If Khan wants to revisit the feud between The Elite and the Undisputed Elite, he'll need to bring back Fish and retain the services of The Young Bucks and Omega, which would certainly be a welcomed development for fans of AEW who just want everyone to get along and to see their favorite guys back in the ring once more.