When Will Ospreay and Orange Cassidy linked up in the opening match of AEW Dynamite for a tag team match against their Double or Nothing opponents, Roderick Strong and Trent Beretta, the odds were stacked against them.

Sure, on paper, the babyfaces are certainly better individual wrestlers than their opponents and would probably win a simulated match between the two teams in Fight Forever, but any time Strong comes to the ring, he never does so alone, and in Bakersfield, California, he brought the rest of the Kingdom, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett, plus the surprising return of Wardlow, who ultimately turned the odds in the match and gave Beretta the pin on his long-time friend ahead of their match at DON, opening things up for the Undisputed Kingdom to bloody the “Billy Goat” up with their International Championship ahead of their match for good measure too.

Cutting a promo after Dynamite went off the air for AEW's social media department, Ospreay, still covered in blood, vowed to get revenge on Strong and take his title because, after bleeding on the belt, he is now bonded to it.

“You think I look pretty bad right now, right? No, this is nothing. Mate, I've been on four-day bender, had a bowl of Cocoa Puffs, got on a plane to Japan, called out the toughest guy, and whooped him in front of his wife and kids while I was smiling, bruv. You think this is the end, Messiah? What, you think that this scares me? [Slaps himself] Nah, I live for this, bruv,” Will Ospreay declared on AEW social media via Fightful.

“I flew all the way from England on a ten-hour flight, got transferred over to Bakersfield, and this? This is the best that you've got? My Messiah, am I meant to believe in you, man? Am I meant to believe? No, man. The only thing that I believe in is bell-to-bell, internationally known, no one is better than me inside that ring, and now what you've just done, Roderick, what you've just done is it's bonded me with that championship. My blood is on that championship. So now, it is my duty, it is my spirit that is bonded with that championship. So Sunday, in the perfect city to do it in, bet it all. Gamble your life on it, son. Because now, it is my life's mission to take the International Championship away from you, come h*ll or high water. Nobody is better than Will Ospreay because I am on another level.”

Gosh, you have to give it to Ospreay, while he largely was known for his big match abilities in NJPW, the happiest development of his recent run in AEW has been his incredible ability to cut promos that are both believable and impassioned. While only time will tell if Strong is able to rally his troops and retain his belt in Las Vegas, it's safe to say Ospreay is going to leave it all in the ring in the pursuit of proving why he really is a level above the rest.

Roderick Strong isn't afraid of Will Ospreay at Double or Nothing.

While Will Ospreay is clearly hungry to add championship gold to his resume at Double or Nothing, to do so, he will have to defeat one of the best wrestlers in the world in Roderick Strong, a technical marvel who is finally getting his due after years being overlooked in NXT following the rest of the Undisputed Kingdom's exit from WWE.

Cutting his own promo for AEW Digital, Strong declared that he will retain his belt this weekend, as a Messiah beats an Assassin every time.

“Will, the time for screaming and yelling is over. There's just one thing I want to know. How'd it feel? How'd it feel when you lost that power in your arms when the big man hit you? How did it feel when you laid there in a pool of your own blood? How did it feel when you looked up at me and realized you stand no chance?” Roderick Strong asked via Fightful. “I know it felt great for me. But how'd it feel for you? You see, at Double or Nothing, I prove to the world once again what we already know, that I'm the Messiah of the Backbreaker. I am a wrestling legend. At Double or Nothing, the Assassin falls to the Messiah.”

In terms of the promo game, Ospreay leaves Bakersfield the clear winner, but what about at Double or Nothing? Will Ospreay finally become a champion in AEW after having the hottest start to his full-time career with the promotion of anyone ever? Or will Strong come out on top? Fans will find out soon enough.