On Friday, Feb. 16, Alabama A&M University officials sent a statement to students and parents regarding identity theft on behalf of the students.

“On Monday February 12 2024, Alabama A&M University and its Administration was made aware of several incidents whereby students' Social Security Numbers were potentially compromised. Alabama A&M University takes such incidents seriously and has initiated internal and external processes to investigate this matter,” the email said. “If you have not filed your individual taxes and/or your custodian was denied filing your education credit, please email us at studentaffairs@aamu.edu with your full name, A-number and a contact number so we can reach out to you. Additionally, we ask you to file a fraud report with the IRS as they will investigate and identify the person responsible for filing a fraudulent tax return on your behalf. Filing an IRS report will allow prosecution through the proper channels. Please be advised that University does not have the right to file a complaint with the IRS on your behalf.”

Tiktok user Averi Tywan (@flylawtok) displayed an image of the email on video as he explained the situation. The video currently has over 180,000 views and over 33,000 likes.

“Apparently, the faculty and administration at Alabama A&M University have been stealing the students' social security numbers. They went and filed said students in their taxes. So, when the parents and guardians went to file their kids on their taxes, they couldn't because somebody had already filed… Now y'all are in trouble with the IRS, and the IRS don't play.”

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