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Allen Iverson likens himself to Russell Westbrook in terms of heart

While dishing on different aspects of his life and his love for sneakers, Hall of Famer Allen Iverson took time to compare his game to someone currently in the league. The Philadelphia 76ers legend was succinct in his answer.

“When it come to heart, that’s a no brainer,” Iverson said in a video with Complex. “It’s [Russell] Westbrook.”

Despite their game being completely different, there’s plenty of similarities between the two stars. Westbrook and Iverson share that maniacal desire to compete, one that makes them that much better according to the level of competition.

Both are fearless scorers that will take shots most others playing the position won’t dare to take. Both players are a guarantee to get your money’s worth when they’re out on the floor, sure to dazzle fans in more than one occasion throughout the game.

These two guards are also pioneers when it comes to style — Iverson being a transcendent figure, popularizing the cornrows hairstyle and making heavily tattooed individuals a common sight in a league that seldom saw players like him upon his arrival in 1996. From the baseball caps to the watches, the chains, and the baggy clothing; Iverson was a style revolutionary — marrying hip-hop culture and basketball more than any other athlete from his era.

Westbrook on the other hand, is the modern style extraordinaire of today’s league, often mixing European looks with a vastly varied wardrobe. He’s fearless when trying out new looks, half rockstar, half man of elegance — and a whole one of a kind.

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