Last year, players discovered an infinite charge exploit for both the Rampage and Sentinel in Apex Legends. Respawn immediately came up with a hotfix in December to prevent the exploit from further harming the gameplay. Sadly, the infinite charge exploit has once again resurfaced recently. This time around, players have found a new workaround for exploiting both chargeable weapons. Because of this, Respawn temporarily removed both the Rampage and Sentinel from the game while working on a fix. 

Respawn recently tweeted about the latest update to drop on Apex Legends. This update includes the temporary disabling of the Rampage and Sentinel. The devs also decided to disable Bangalore’s Mil-Spec Skin for this update due to game crashes while equipping the skin. At least it’s a lot safer to hop on the game now with these problems out of the equation. The devs have yet to release a timeline on when players can expect things to go back to normal.

Honestly, this is a good decision on Respawn’s end. Usually, whenever they’re working on fixes, they’d just leave the bug or glitch hanging around the game. This is one of the reasons why a lot of the players think that Apex Legends is a broken game. Now that they’ve finally decided to disable these glitches, players can still enjoy the game with no worries. Hopefully, they do come up with a fix soon since a lot of players do enjoy utilizing the Rampage and Sentinel. After all, both weapons are powerhouses especially when charged to the max.