Harry Kane‘s return to England was marred by controversy as the former Tottenham Hotspur striker found himself at the center of a heated debate following an incident involving Arsenal defender Gabriel, reported by GOAL. The questionable moment occurred during a Champions League clash between Arsenal and Bayern Munich, leaving fans divided and demanding justice for what they perceived as foul play.

In a heated exchange on the pitch, Kane's elbow made contact with Gabriel's jaw, sparking outrage among Arsenal fans. Despite the severity of the incident, Kane narrowly avoided a red card and was instead booked for his actions. However, many Arsenal supporters felt that the punishment did not fit the offense, calling for more severe disciplinary action against the Bayern star.


Reacting to the incident, Arsenal fans took to social media to express their outrage and demand justice for Gabriel. On platforms like Twitter, fans criticized Kane's behavior, labeling him as a “despicable player” and condemning his actions as deliberate attempts to harm opponents. Calls for a red card echoed across fan forums, with supporters expressing their frustration at what they perceived as leniency from match officials.

Twitter became a battleground for passionate Arsenal fans, with users condemning Harry Kane's conduct in no uncertain terms. Strong language and accusations were hurled at the Bayern star, with some users describing him as a “nasty” player and accusing him of intentional aggression on the pitch. The incident sparked a heated debate online, with opinions sharply divided over the severity of Kane's actions and the appropriate disciplinary response.

Football journalists and correspondents weighed in on the controversy, offering their analysis and commentary on the incident. Some expressed surprise at Kane's actions, while others criticized the decision to only book him for the offense. The incident drew attention from media outlets, further fueling the debate surrounding Kane's conduct and the need for stricter enforcement of disciplinary measures in professional football.

Champions League match recap

Harry Kane in front of the Bayern Munich logo on one side, Bukayo Saka in front of the Arsenal logo on the other side, a big ‘VS’ in the middle champions league

Amidst the controversy, the match itself saw its fair share of drama and excitement. Bukayo Saka opened the scoring for Arsenal, only for Serge Gnabry to equalize for Bayern shortly after. Kane then put Bayern ahead from the penalty spot before Gabriel Jesus' brilliant play set up Leandro Trossard for Arsenal's equalizer. The match ended in a 2-2 draw, leaving both sets of fans with mixed emotions and plenty to discuss in the aftermath.

As the dust settles on the contentious clash, both teams turn their attention to upcoming fixtures. Thomas Tuchel's Bayern side will resume Bundesliga action against FC Koln, while Mikel Arteta's Arsenal will face Aston Villa in a crucial Premier League encounter. However, the fallout from Kane's elbow incident is likely to linger, with fans and experts alike continuing to debate the implications of his actions on the pitch.