Injury recovery times are usually tricky. Most players would want to rest after nursing the health concern and have a slow integration back into the rotation. The Houston Astros and Dusty Baker are taking a different approach to this. They are using a return strategy for Jose Altuve that is unlike what most teams do.

Dusty Baker and the Astros are rushing the return of their second baseman. The team is likely to activate Jose Altuve without a rehabilitation assignment. But, Houston has not been able to talk to Altuve regarding the matter, per Chandler Rome of The Athletic.

The Astros second baseman joined the team at Oakland over the weekend during his rehabilitation process. He has shown much willingness to go back and play. His passion for the game almost negated the discomfort of the injury. This is because he was seen playing in pre-game workouts. He was also present during their cage work.

It has not been long since he got injured. Jose Altuve endured the injury because of a mishap during batting practice. His left oblique discomfort has not stopped then. It necessitated the Astros to put him on the injury list. The only certainty is his dedication to going back to playing as soon as possible. There has been no timetable nor target game for his return.

If he stays healthy, will Altuve be able to help Dusty Baker's squad make a deep run to reclaim the top spot at the AL West and beat the Texas Rangers?