Getting booted out of the ALCS by the eventual World Series-winning Texas Rangers is not an issue for Kyle Tucker. The Houston Astros All-Star has all the help from Justin Verlander, Jose Altuve, Alex Bregman, and Framber Valdez among others. This is why he started making big declarations about the team's upcoming season amid Spring Training.

One would think that the Astros got deflated after falling short of the World Series. They were one win away from claiming the ALCS but it was the Rangers' fate that time around. However, this did not stop Kyle Tucker from proclaiming that his team was the best in all of the MLB, via ESPN.

“Personally, I think we have the best team in the league. That's the vibe around the clubhouse. You have to have that mindset, but you still have to earn it,” he declared.

Jose Altuve is here to stay for the Astros after he just inked a contract that spans up until 2029. Tucker will also be with the squad until 2024. The only concern is bringing back Alex Bregman. Dana Brown knows that he can keep this Astros team for the foreseeable future. It will just need some contract adjustments and bargaining such that the Astros can continue their reign of terror in the league.

Tucker willing to re-sign with Astros

The AL West was a tight race but the Astros managed to win over the Rangers. They had 90 wins and did exceptional on the road by scoring 51 wins for the season. A large contributor to this dominance was Tucker. He wants to continue playing for the team and is just waiting on Brown to spark talks.

“I'm always open to having those conversations and talk it through. I'd rather not prolong it forever,” the Astros outfielder said.

Tucker notched an insane .284 with his hits while getting 29 home runs. He also stole 30 bases for the Astros and recorded a 112 RBI which was the best in his career. All of this will certainly improve this season as the Astros try to assert their dominance by playing with a chip on their shoulder. That ALCS loss was huge which means this season is a time for revenge.