After months of pondering if an MLB team could fit in Las Vegas, fans have their first opportunity to see the potential layout. The Oakland Athletics unveiled the renderings of their proposed $1.5 billion stadium Friday afternoon. And it's a doozy.

Obviously, this is the shot in the arm that A's owner John Fisher desperately has in mind for his franchise. Following lengthy talks, it was announced that a “tentative agreement” has been reached to fund a new Athletics stadium.

If that vision does come to fruition, few could argue with the sheer magnificence of the structure, especially when surrounded by all the lights and majestic scenery. Now, a new flashy location stands to do little for Oakland's feeble baseball product, at least in the immediate future, but a 10-42 record looks just a bit less ghastly under that view.

The mission presently becomes settling on a dollar amount for public assistance. There is speculation that the state of Nevada would dole out between $300 and $400 million for the new venture. While another professional sports team could be a boon for Las Vegas' economy, people might be less enthused to know their hard-earned money is going toward an organization that has made minimal effort into fielding a competitive group this season.

Perhaps an exciting and lucrative move would put an end to the Athletics' meager spending habits. A bustling market, looser wallet and the same front-office acumen that has helped them win 95 games with a payroll well below $100 million should combine to make the A's a true must-see team.

But that stadium, and those ambitions, are a long way off.