Way back in 2009, James Cameron’s Avatar broke both the box office and everyone’s minds when it first came out. After more than a decade, fans everywhere are finally going back to Pandora to see what finally happens to Jake Sully. Thanks to the latest trailer, we get to see a small glimpse into how events unfold in Avatar: The Way of Water and the state of Sully’s family in this film.

We take a deep down below into this trailer, what it means, and the stunning details every Avatar fan should take note of.

Avatar: The Way of Water trailer explained

The newest Avatar trailer starts with several Na’vi, Pandora’s indigenous alien species, and what appears to be a human sprinting on massive vines. Fans then get their first glimpse of Jake Sully, now fully integrated into his Na’vi body, flying on top of a winged creature along with his new community.

The trailer then shifts to a modernized setting, complete with military vehicles and avatars walking around a factory. This gives the idea that humans are still placing the minds of people into hybrid Na’vi bodies for their own purposes. These same avatars are then seen coming into conflict with several indigenous Na’vi and a human allied with them.

From that point on, the trailer builds up by focusing on Jake’s family and their apparent effort to push back against an unseen threat or antagonist. This first look into The Way of Water ends with Jake leading a Na’vi army assembled in the ocean to charge against their foes.

Jake Sully’s family

During the events of the first Avatar film, Jake chose to forego his human heritage and live permanently inside the body of a Na’vi. At the same time, the former soldier decided to protect Pandora from the Resources Development Administration (RDA) by helping the indigenous population defeat their forces.

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In The Way of Water trailer, we see glimpses of Jake and Neytiri’s children amidst the oceans and forests of Pandora. Surprisingly, one of them appears to be a human being with dreadlocks and wearing a clear mask. At this point in time, it isn’t known whether this is Sully’s child back when he was a human or a one he adopted as a Na’vi.

Over the course of the trailer, we see Jake and Neytiri’s family go up against the RDA and deeper into Pandora itself. It is expected that they will be leading the Na’vi against the primary threat of this James Cameron film.

Pandora’s oceans

The first Avatar film way back in 2009 emphasized its forests and its Hometree, a location within Pandora that houses both the Na’vi and a sizable amount of unobtanium. Even a standalone game has also given fans a chance to explore this planet. But here in The Way of Water, the focus has shifted to Pandora’s oceans.

The trailer itself gives a good look at the beautiful graphics that depict these oceans. Coupled with a masterful rendering of Jake and his family flying over these waters, and fans will be taken to Pandora itself.

At this point in time, there are no details yet on who or what the film’s threat might be. All that’s certain from the latest Avatar: The Way of Water trailer is years have passed since the first film and Jake has now fully embraced his life on Pandora. With the coming of a new threat, Jake must fight his way out to save his adoptive home and the family he has built with Neytiri.

Of course, fans won’t have to wait for years anymore for The Way of Water to come out. By December of this year, everyone will get to see the next chapter of James Cameron’s sci-fi epic and how it will all play out.