Apex Legends is back at it again with the game crashes – players are just getting used to this now. This time around, it’s being caused by a Legendary Skin Respawn Entertainment recently released. In fact, Respawn even confirmed on Twitter that the bug does indeed exist and they’re now working on a fix. Talk about celebrating Bangalore by releasing Bangalore's Mil-Spec Legendary Skin, but having it cause a game-crashing bug.

Just recently, Bangalore was finally featured in the Stories from the Outlands series. Gridiron showcases terrifying past events from the Titanfall universe and Bangalore’s tragic decision. Now Apex Legends is featuring a special store called “Gridiron Store” which features the theme’s cosmetics. Part of these cosmetics is the one and only Legendary Skin for Bangalore named “Mil-Spec”. This skin is exactly the one Bangalore was wearing in the Stories from the Outlands cinematic. 

Naturally, Bangalore mains and Legendary Skin collectors would want to purchase the Mil-Spec skin. However, there is a catch for purchasing and using this Legendary Skin. Apparently, if players select Bangalore while having the Mil-Spec skin equipped, your game will crash. To make things worse, even your squadmates’ game, regardless of whether they're random or from your party,  will crash. 

Respawn is currently working on a fix so players could enjoy using the Mil-Spec skin for Bangalore. Also, players can still purchase the skin in the store for 1,800 Apex Coins. Players can also purchase the bundle which includes legendary banners and emotes for 4,350 Apex Coins. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be using the Bangalore Mil-Spec skin yet until Respawn finally comes up with a fix.