Leading a team to football immortality takes a long time. There have only been a few quarterbacks to have won the Super Bowl multiple times and they did not start doing it until it was early in their primes, Tom Brady, Patrick Mahomes, and Peyton Manning are just a few names. But, rookies are making big statements and ready to show their impact immediately. Caleb Williams made a promise that will either get Chicago Bears fans riled up or get them to raise their eyebrows.

Every year there is one prospect in the NFL Draft who is projected to lead the team to the promised land. But, those expectations are not always met. In fact, the last primary signal caller who won a Super Bowl for the team that drafted them who is not named Patrick Mahomes was Nick Foles. It took him four years in the Philadelphia Eagles system to win a single one.

Caleb Williams wants to be the outlier. The newly drafted Bears quarterback has all the desire to beat Tom Brady, Terry Bradshaw, Joe Montana, and Patrick Mahomes when his career is finished.

And then the other one is, eight Super Bowls. Tom Brady has seven. So you got to set the bar high.

Bears rookie gets high praise from the GOAT

Jun 5, 2024; Lake Forest, IL, USA; Chicago Bears quarterback Caleb Williams (18) looks on during the team's minicamp at Halas Hall. Mandatory Credit: Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports
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To further motivate himself, Caleb Williams placed a ‘Super Bowl x8' wallpaper on his phone lock screen. Tom Brady was asked about this after his New England Patriots Hall of Fame induction and acknowledged how fair this motivational strategy was, via the NFL Network.

Everyone's going to find different ways to find motivation. That is certainly a way that Caleb can find it. A lot of people are going to find different motivations. I found them the ways that I did, the ways that were useful to me. I think that there's a lot that goes into winning one. You've got to set your goals high. I will never tell anyone that they can't achieve anything. Because, if people had told me that, I could not achieve anything, that would have been discouraging. I don't people to discourage young athletes one bit.

The Patriots legend even commended Caleb Williams' willingness to aim that high.

I think people should always reach for the stars. Certainly, young quarterbacks in the league have got a lot of opportunities but their careers are going to be made by what they choose to do. And, with the work they put in, the relationships they develop with their teammates, the organizations they impact. They should have high goals but, at the same time, they are going to have to work hard to achieve that. I really look forward to seeing that process unfold, that's naturally where the hard part comes.

The Bears went all in on Williams during this NFL Draft. They elected to let go of developing Justin Fields and are ow awaiting his impact in terms of winning. The last time the Bears won a Super Bowl was in 1986. It takes a long way back to glory for some teams but they certainly found the most motivated prospect.