The Chicago Bears have made a handful of exciting trades so far this offseason, sending former franchise quarterback Justin Fields to the Steelers and acquiring wide receiver Keenan Allen from the Chargers. One side effect of both those trades is that Keenan Allen may be able to wear number 13 again with the Chicago Bears.

It all starts with Tyler Scott. The 2023 fourth-round rookie wore number 13 during his rookie season. However, it has been announced that Scott will be wearing number 10 moving forward. The number 13 has not since been claimed, which leaves the possibility open for Keenan Allen to claim it. Allen wore number 13 with the Los Angeles Chargers (previously San Diego Chargers) for the past 11 seasons. 

The Chicago Bears traded a 2024 fourth-round pick (#110 overall) to the Los Angeles Chargers to acquire the star wide receiver. Allen only has one year left on his contract with an $18 million cap hit. This means the trade will likely be a one-year rental which could possibly lead to a contract extension if all goes well in 2024.

Jaylon Johnson is another player on the Bears who will be changing numbers. The star cornerback, who recently signed a huge contract extension with the Bears, teased on social media that he will switch from wearing number 33 to number 1. Justin Fields wore number 1 before being traded. Johnson can now return to the number he wore in college at Utah. 

Which number would Caleb Williams wear for the Chicago Bears?

USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams (13) scrambles during the second quarter against the UCLA Bruins at United Airlines Field at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum.
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The more important impact of the Justin Fields trade is the clear signal from Chicago’s leadership that they are targeting quarterback at the top of the 2024 NFL Draft. USC signal caller Caleb Williams is widely regarded as the pick of the litter in a strong QB class and he has been strongly linked to Chicago as the presumptive first overall pick. 

But which number would Caleb wear if drafted by the Chicago Bears? He has worn number 13 throughout his tenure at USC, which would not be an option if Keenan Allen claims it. 

One option is number 18. Caleb Williams wore 18 during his prep days at Gonzaga College High School and he may choose to pick it back up if number 13 is no longer available. 

Nobody on the Bears roster is currently wearing number 18. Tight end Robert Tonyan Jr. wore number 18 in 2023, but his contract has expired and he is currently a free agent. Chicago signed wide receiver and kick returner Dante Pettis, who has previously worn number 18, earlier this offseason. However, Pettis was assigned number 81. 

Therefore, it is reasonable to assume that number 18 will be available for Caleb Williams in the event that he’s drafted by the Bears. Williams, a former Heisman Trophy winner, would join a talented Bears offense alongside receivers D.J. Moore and Keenan Allen.