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Bears’ Soldier Field in absolute shambles for Week 1 after massive rain storm

Bears, Soldier Field

The Chicago Bears are set to kick off the 2022 NFL season at home against the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday. Unfortunately, field conditions are… less than optimal for the season opener after a massive rain storm hit Chicago over the weekend. Soldier Field was seemingly not ready for the level of precipitation that rained down in the Windy City, as the stadium is a complete mess ahead of the opening kickoff. Via Gridiron, have a look at this utterly disastrous sideline, which looks as if the individual painting it had consumed a few too many pre-game drinks.

Yep, this is a professional football stadium with sidelines that look like a kindergarten student was in charge of drawing the lines.

That’s not even the worst part.

The turf at Soldier Field has also been overrun by water. Michelle Steele provided a shocking video in which her feet are practically submerged with water while walking along the sideline of the field.

These certainly aren’t the conditions Justin Fields and Trey Lance were hoping for in order to start their season out, but they’ll have to deal with the unfortunate field conditions in the season opener.

This game was touted as a low-scoring affair from the get-go, and now that both teams will have to battle mother nature at Soldier Field, as well as the opposing team, touchdowns could prove difficult to come by for either side in Week 1. The Bears and 49ers are in for a sloppy outing on the soaking wet Soldier Field, and it could make for an absolutely wild season-opening showdown.